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Makeup at Affordable Prices - Beauty BigBang Review

Hey everyone,

Today i wanted to share a post on some new makeup items i received, i was lucky to get sent some to try out from a brand called Beauty BigBang. I just filmed a youtube review/try out video too so if you wanna check that out click here to watch it. 

I'd never heard of this brand before but the website has lots of cool bits on there including makeup, hair, nails and health care. The products are really affordable which is great, for the price you pay these products are pretty good quality too. 

You can even get 10% off anything on the website using my code CCX10

Unicorn Makeup Brush Set

Buy the makeup brushes HERE

These are made with synthetic hair and have diamond shaped wooden handles. I love the colour of them, i've never owned a colourful set of brushes before. You get 7 brushes in the set and they are really soft and easy to apply your makeup. The only downside to these is there are two eyeshadow brushes that are the same, i feel like it would have been better if they had an angled eyeshadow brush instead? They had a lot more brush sets on the website tho, some weren't in my budget but looked amazing!

Australia Dollars $12.79 (was $25.59)
British Pounds £7.22 (was £14.45)

Matte and Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

Buy the palette HERE

This palette has 10 colours, matte and shimmers. It's a nice little compact with it's own brush and mirror, i tend to use my own makeup brushes to apply eyeshadow anyway so don't really use the one it comes with. I went for the neutral palette in number 3. I really like the colours in here and they apply nicely on the skin, well pigmented too.

Australia Dollars $10.23 (was $16.63)
British Pounds £5.78 (was £9.39)

Smudge Free Matte Lip Gloss

Buy the lip gloss HERE

I tend to choose pink colours for the lips so i went for this one in colour 5, Carina.
It's a velvet liquid lipstick and it lasts so well on the lips. I tested it on my hand too in my youtube video to show how well it stayed after just applying it. Check it out here. 
The only downside to this is that i found it a little drying on the lips but then it is matte and if it didn't dry like it does then it would come off easy. It did take a bit of scrubbing to get off too but defiently easier to remove from the lips then if you get it on your skin....i did a swatch test when i first got it and didn't come off so well, took a lot of scrubbing! lol :/ Just shows the great staying power i guess :)

Australia Dollars $5.11 (was $10.23)
British Pounds £2.89 (was £5.78)

Bronzer Blush Highlight Palette

Buy the palette HERE

This has a bronzer which it says bronzer on the website but on the palette it says contour, you can use it for both i guess. The highlight in this is pretty good, can see me apply it in the video to show how well it shows up. Then the blusher which i really love, great don't need much at all. The pink is lighter than the blush colour i usually go for but i really liked it, it's my new fave! Maybe it's just cos being summer over here in Oz it looks more fresh and suits my skin well :) I got the palette in number 04.

Australia Dollars $6.39 (was $10.23)
British Pounds £3.61 (was £5.78)

Has anyone else tried products from Beauty BigBang?

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