Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Starting a new life in Australia + Outfit of the day (OOTD)

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Hey everyone, so if you've been keeping up with my youtube or other sites I'm on then you probably know already that I'm now living in Adelaide, Australia :-D I tried to take some beach photos the other day (photos above) but it was so windy, it was either blowing my dress outwards looking like a balloon or blowing against me so it looked skin tight...not the best look,lol

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Leaving the UK (Gatwick Airport)

Flying over Adelaide
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So i flew here on the 29th of December and it was really hard saying goodbye to my Mum, i actually thought i was fine and wouldn't cry until the last minute, my Mum got out a little gift for me which was a lovely, REAL silver..daughter necklace and then i burst into tears! lol I will also miss my little dog, Taz. I would cuddle him daily and the thought of not seeing he's little face makes me so sad...i get so obsessed over every dog i see down the beach here! lol

So i arrived in Adelaide the evening before new years eve which was perfect. I got to see the new year in standing at an amazing lookout watching fireworks go off all over Adelaide! I am here for a year now so bring on 2018 and the great times to come 😄 Happy new year to all you and hope you all had a great new years eve! If you wanna see my first Life in OZ vlog then Click Here.

I hope to get a second year visa and stay here longer as i'm living here with my boyfriend who is Australian. A few things i have planned for this year is maybe to do another bodybuilding/bikini show, i was thinking to do one back home anyway so i looked up shows over here and there are some close by :) I saw a few that are around September time which is perfect as it gives me time to settle in, i can get a job, save money and i have plenty of time to get in better shape and do a prep without rushing as the other shows were all around April and that's too soon for me!

I also need to do 3 months in farm or construction work to be able to apply for a second year visa so i will be looking into that very soon. I think if you can get sponsored by a job tho you can also stay in the county ooorrrr if you get married?!😳🙊😏

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