Thursday, 11 January 2018


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BIG SEXY HAIR Hairspray is currently my fave to use right now. I've been liking this for about a month or two now. I was always buying the same one before from Silvikrin. I always liked that one and still do actually, i think it's pretty good. Since i tried big sexy hair tho i liked this one a bit more, i also saw this brand sitting in the hairdressers when i recently went so must be a good one for them to have it too :) I like a hairspray that can hold your hair well and keep them fly aways down on a windy day! This one definitely does the job but it doesn't make your hair really hard or crispy which is good!

The one i have is Volumizing hairspray 300ml. It says on the side that it's Shine 7 and Hold 7. It doesn't have any special smell to it, just smells like a normal hairspray smell but it's not over powering and you don't need to spray much to get that good hold. I also don't feel the need to top up through the day so it lasts really well too.

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