Sunday, 10 December 2017

5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials / Fashion Staples 2017

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Hey everyone, there are always staple items you need in your wardrobe for each season so i thought today i'd share my top 5 must haves for this winter, i do love winter fashion.

My first staple piece would be BOOTS...

A pair of boots is gonna be an every day wear for me. I reallllyyyy love knee high boots and i haven't even got a pair (crazy, i know!)....and i would have bought some too if i wasn't going to Australia in just under 3 weeks. They go so nice with almost anything and make an outfit look so trendy. But also having other options is good too, ankle boots, heeled boots, ugg boots many to choose and i just love them!

2nd clothing item would be a JUMPER...

An oversized jumper is one of my faves, also a jumper I'm wearing in the pics above. I love the big turtle neck too, it's so cosy and warm. Paired with tights and boots...OMG, I'm in love! Even a cosy sweater jumper or hoody is so nice to chuck on with outfits if your going for the casual look or just lounging about at home, i love that style so always make sure i have plenty in my wardrobe.

3rd would be FLUFFY SOCKS...

I call them fluffy socks but maybe you would know them as bedtime socks? Any thermal fluffy socks win me over this time of year and anytime i see them i wanna buy more! Even the cosy slipper boots are the best things for winter. I always have mine on when lounging at home, my ankles get cold easily so always need something to keep them warm.

4th fashion item is a BOBBLE HAT...

Or any kind or warm hat but i think bobble hats are the best. I actually quite like the double bobble hats this year, they look pretty cool :)

5th and final item i would say you need is a pair of THICK TIGHTS..

Tights are great to wear, i love wearing skirts and dresses in the winter. Adding a thick cosy pair of tights will make it suitable for the weather but make the outfit look really trendy. Pairing boots with them or knee high socks make it a little bit warmer. It's all about the layering which is something i love about putting winter outfits together.

Do you have any staple items you always wear which i haven't mentioned? I do also love coats btw, i have a thing with coats...always wanna buy new ones and love so many different styles and colours and lengths...😻

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  1. Great post! I love warm/cozy soft for the winter season and all the styles they have this time of year :)

    Sheer Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you :) Yeaaa winter fashion is great xx


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