Saturday, 25 November 2017

Winter Beauty Essentials / Must Haves for the Cold Season

Winter is almost here, i mean with the weather so cold right now it feels like it's already arrived...i wonder how much colder it will get and wether we will get snow? Doesn't matter for me tho...cos I'm back off to Australia at the end of December so bring on the Aussie Summer i say 😄 whoop whoop! I am going out there to live for a year by the way...just thought i'd throw that in there :-) #EXCITED ..Anyway today i thought i would do a beauty post cos it's been forever since i last did one and since my Australia Trip i've kinda lost my blog flow so wanna get back into the rhythm... 😊

In the UK it can get pretty cold this time of year so we all need to take care of ourselves a little more to ensure we keep our skin and hair healthy and looked after. I do like winter beauty tho cos you can get all cosy and have pamper nights in, check out my pamper routine post if you like.

One of my beauty essentials this year are definitely candles...i mean who doesn't love a good candle. I have quite a few and especially love yankee candles as they always smell so good. It makes a room so cosy and also i love putting them on when I'm taking a bath. Which leads me onto the next thing, bath oils/bath bombs. One thing that is so relaxing this time of year is a bath, i love loads of bubbles and usually love using a Lush bath bomb as well, they bring out some great christmas ones too.

Two hair products i love to use in winter is a hair oil and a hair mask. A good hair mask helps lock in the moisture and keeps your hair hydrated and soft. The hair oil keep the ends of the hair really well conditioned and helps avoid any frizz, i love using my oil all year round. Keeping your hair healthy in winter is important, you can read more into that here in a recent blog post.

A few more beauty products that are key for winter are lip balms, i use lip balm all the time. Especially when the cold hits your lips, they can become more dry and chapped.
Hand cream, face and body moisturiser are essential too as it will keep your skin soft and avoid it really drying out from the cold.

What's your winter beauty essentials?

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