Monday, 20 November 2017

I'm Back from Australia / My New Romance + Exciting news

Hey everyone, I'M BACK!!! Sorry i haven't posted much on my blog but i had been focusing more on creating loads of videos for my youtube, plus i had been updating Twitter and Instagram, if you follow me may have seen some of the Australia photos posted :)

I took so many photos whilst i was over there, i am still uploading more to my Instagram. I won't share ALL of them on here but go follow my Instagram if you wanna keep seeing more daily posts. @ CarlyCx

I had the best time of my life in Australia, i have always dreamt about living there and thought i would never even visit the country. I feel so lucky to have gone and that's because i finally put the effort in and stopped holding back, soon as you work hard at making something happen, anything is possible.

I got to explore so much whilst i was over there, i fed kangaroos, cuddled a koala, drive to the country, saw wildlife at night, visiting the shops and nightlife in the city. I ate out at so many places, visited the amazing beaches and saw so many sunsets. You can join me for the complete journey in my vlogs on youtube, click here to see them, there's still more i'm uploading :)

So if you've been following since May/June you might have known i went on a cruise ship holiday. I met a guy on there (from Australia) and that was who i went to stay with on this trip. We are now a couple and i can't wait to go back over to see him. I actually got pretty depressed when i landed back in the UK and could tell as the days went on how much my mood started to change! (i've been back for 4 days)
Wellll......exciting news today....I actually applied for the holiday/working visa in Australia and it got approved :) Now that is all sorted i feel like 'OMG, THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING' lol I then opened a letter today which came whilst i was away....telling me i had a tax rebate, giving me a good amount which can now cover my flights. Literally today couldn't have gone any better, suddenly feel like my happiness is coming back! One thing i'm concerned about is having like a big lump of money in the bank for when you go over, i've heard some people say you don't need it and that some people move to Australia with no money at all. When i read through the emails earlier tho it was saying it's something you need in your bank to be entered in the country :/ I am thinking about getting a loan out for that if it comes to then cos i am planning to move to Australia in early Jan. Actually i saw the cheapest flight was on the 31st of Dec so i could be spending new years eve up in the sky? :) lol
If you haven't caught up on my Australia vlogs then click here to see them, i still have quite a few to share so subscribe so you don't miss them :)

This is the dream i've always had and to fall in love as well....feels like I'm in some fairytale! lol I love sharing this journey with you so i hope you are enjoying all the content. I'm well excited to get back to Aus and if i go in Jan means i can still enjoy the summer over there, hating this cold weather in England right now.

I also filmed a summer fashion haul from Kmart so click here to watch that :)

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