Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Travelling from the UK to Australia

Hey everyone, so i haven't been able to upload regular blog posts right now as I'm in Australia but i thought i would do a little travels update.

I left last week Tuesday (24th Oct) for a 2:30pm flight and arrived Wednesday evening (25th) at 8:30pm.

My mum came to the airport with me and and we had lunch before i got my flight, we went to this place in North Terminal called The Nicolas Culpeper. I had a butternut squash salad which was so delicious, only thing...this place was kinda expensive.

I flew from London Gatwick airport to Dubai for 6 hours then changed planes and took off pretty soon again, it was only about one and half hour change over. I then had the second flight for 12 hours and arrived in Adelaide airport at about 8:30pm. The flights were alright but i do wish i had the first class cos we walk though it to get to our seats and it's such a tease, with their lay down beds and plenty of leg room! Legs got so irritated on the flight too and what i hate is when your by the window and everyones sleeping but you need the loo...i feel so rude waking people up to move for me! lol Plane food wasn't too bad either, we had enough food coming round to keep me satisfied and lots of good films to choose from to keep me entertained. I watched Finding Nemo for the first time :-) also Boss Baby and Baywatch which were two films i'd been wanting to see :-D

I have uploaded 2 vlogs on my youtube already and have quite a few more ready to publish so go and subscribe to keep up with my travels. I will probably update again on here soon but the most of my journey will be in vlogs - Click here to go subscribe :)


It is amazing here and i don't wanna come back,lol I actually do wanna move out here so maybe Bikini Prep will have to wait as i need to know think of better things to put my money towards :-)

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