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How to make your own strawberry jam? Plant Based & Vegan | Healthy Lifestyle

Hello everyone, hope your all good?

So today i am sharing how to make your own Strawberry Jam.
I can't believe how easy this is to make and it's so much healthier for you then buying it in a jar with all the added sugars.
I am currently trying out more plant based foods and using foods with more natural ingredients. I'm really enjoying finding new recipes and foods that are natural and wholesome and so thought i'd start sharing any favourites on here :)

This jam only has 3 ingredients, Strawberries, Honey and Chia Seeds!

I got the this from Deliciously Ella recipe book but as i only had like 6 strawberries left i made a very small batch, i can't wait to use this on some toasted rye bread tomorrow :-)

The actual amount of food listed in the recipe book was as follows...

Strawberries 400g
Thick Honey 3 tablespoons
Chia Seeds 2 tablespoons

So i used about 6 strawberries, i put them into the saucepan and heated with the honey (i used Rowse Honey) for about 5 minutes until they went soft. I then mushed them with the potato masher until the mix was smooth and added my Organic Chia seeds and mixed in. Leaving it on a low heat to simmer, i gave it a stir every so often for the next 20 minutes. I then took it off the heat and put in a bowl to cool and once cooled popped it into an air tight container and into the fridge. (It says this lasts up to a week) By the way when cooking this it smelt sooo good and sweet. I also never measured what i put in as i had way less strawberries that it said so i just guessed :-)

Let me know if you make this yourself?
If you enjoy seeing plant based meals i actually uploaded a 'What i eat in a day' video on my youtube channel, click here to see it.

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