Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Autumn/Fall Makeup Look | 2017

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Hello everyone, today i decided to do an Autumn/Fall makeup look. I am not a professional at makeup but i do love to share different looks here and there when i'm inspired. I really wanna do a Halloween makeup look very soon, i put up a poll on Twitter earlier asking which look you'd like to see the most, Harley Quinn, Scary doll or skeleton look? You can go to my Twitter at Carlyccxx to vote in the poll if you want? I'd love to know what you'd like to see :-) Or you can comment on this blog post to let me know. Anyway i will now insert some pics of todays look below and a list of all the products i used, you can click the product names as i've linked each one for you to see it in more detail.


Instant Fix Concealer - Primark
Studio Fix - Mac
Bronze & Sculpt - Loreal
Insta Blush - Revlon
Insta Fix Highlighter - Revlon
Natural i-divine Eyeshadows - Sleek
White eyeliner - Barry M
Black eyeliner Colorstay - Revlon
Mega Multiplier Mascara - Revlon
Fake eyelashes - Eye Candy
Crayon Lipstick - Revlon

See my video on this makeup look > HERE <
♥︎ Carly

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