Friday, 15 September 2017

5 weeks to go till Australia - Long Distance romance, updated Diet & getting a makeover

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Hey everyone, today i felt like sharing an update post on my travels to Australia. If you didn't see the first post i shared on this then click here to catch up :-)

It's been a while since i talked about Australia on my blog but i've been uploading my #GFFA (Getting fit for Australia) series of vlogs on my youtube if you follow me there?
It's getting so close now tho, its only 5 weeks on Tuesday, Tuesday the 24th of October is when I'm flying. So as you might know I'm going over to Adelaide to meet up with a guy who i met on my previous cruise ship holiday in June...


It's kinda strange cos we only met in June and it was over 4 days that we got to know each other. We then continued to chat every day and was just getting to know each other more. Angus (is he's name) and he really wanted me to come over to Aus and live there lol Instead we decided on a holiday first so i saved like crazy, i put every penny i had aside and gave up getting my hair done (7 months of roots and a trim,LOL) and gave up buying or doing anything for myself because i wanted to buy these flights asap. I booked them at the end of July as soon as i got my second pay and got return flights for £750 on i think it was cheap


So i'm very excited cos next month is my last pay from work before i travel and i've put a bit of money aside to buy new clothes. Omg I'm so excited to buy some new things for myself....finally lol
I'm also getting my hair done, again i've put half money aside this month for that too. I'm only on part time hours at work (with some extra) so it's been very tight with money! I just found out today tho that my fave hairdresser has left the salon, not gonna kinda put a downer on my day! lol It's taken me ages to find someone who does my hair exactly how i want it and who i can trust. I have no idea who to go to know, might stick with the same hairdressers tho but i am gutted i have to change my hairdresser! Anyway so yea getting my mahoosive roots sorted, back to that fresh blonde, i can't bloody wait!! I'm also gonna go on the sunbeds at the end of this month to top up a nice tan. I was gonna use fake tan but i just cba with that stuff anymore, it's too much effort and don't like the smell or the fact it can come off on ya clothes etc. I am so excited to hopefully feel like a brand new person when i go, new hair, new clothes, new tan etc...bring it on! :-)


So i have been trying to eat healthy, i've never stuck to being that strict on myself tho so i think i've lost a bit of weight but mostly just maintained it. Angus did say that the first day in Aus maybe we could go to the beach so i really wanna shrink my stomach down a bit more cos i wanna feel confident in a bikini and right now....i'm not feeling so confident! :/ I have made a difference in my body before tho in just one month so i know i can do it! :-) From Monday i am gonna be so much more strict on myself...need to stop having so much sugar and need to make the gym 5-6 times a week, i mean this is only for 5 more weeks, it's not that long.. i gotta remember that!lol

So yep i think that's pretty much all i have to update you on, i just felt like i wanted to get this off my chest so it feels good to have shared this, i do love sharing things online anyway so hope you liked reading :-) Don't forget to see my youtube channel for the travel vlogs to Australia and a few more leading up to the trip!

Thanks for reading

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