Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Chewy Sultana Oat Cookies | Plant Based Recipe

Hey, today i decided to make a batch of oat cookies. I had 3 bananas that started to go brown and i don't like eating them like that so wanted to find a easy recipe to do where i could use them up. I did film the process making them too, you can see that in my weekly vlog leading up to Australia. I will be uploading my first one on Sunday so make sure you are subscribed :-) I would love you to follow my journey to Aus, it's only 26 days to go now!!! Click here for my Youtube.

These cookies are really healthy and plant based too. In the recipe i took these from it did say to use sultana's but i only had raisins so used them instead. They do look really burnt in the pics but they tasted fine, only one or two on the edge of the cookie got burnt so ended up being a bit rock hard lol
I did use a little less ingredients than advised but it made me 20 cookies overall. I will now put most of these in the freezer and when i want a nice treat i can defrost them when i need too.


270g Oats
4 Bananas (about 500g)
3 Tablespoons of Honey
150g Sultanas
4 red apples (about 550g)
2 Teaspoons of Cinnamon

Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 6 (200c)

Grate the apples (no need to peel them) and mash the bananas. Drain the excess liquid from the grated apples using a sieve. Then mix them with all the remaining ingredients in a bowl. Grease baking tray with coconut oil or use baking sheets. The mixture should make about 25 cookies.

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This recipe was taken from Deliciously Ella (iPhone app)


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Friday, 22 September 2017

White Glo Toothpaste - Pure & Natural | Cruelty Free Vegan

I have been using this toothpaste for a while now and as i'm really loving it so thought i'd share it on here :-)

The natural cleansers and whitening properties in this toothpaste will help to gently remove stains, yellowing and plaque from your teeth enamel. I can't say i've noticed a difference in the colour of my teeth but i like the health side to it the most.

One reason i really love this toothpaste is that it's Vegan friendly and NOT tested on animals. If you follow me on Twitter or my YouTube, you may know that i am on a journey to becoming vegetarian/vegan so i am on the look out for vegan friendly products now.

This also has NO parabens, sugar, preservatives or bleaches/dyes. This toothpaste is natural and safe and it does still taste minty, which is good.
I actually got this product sent over from Australia to try out so i'm glad i'm going there next month. I'm gonna keep my eye out for this in the shops, definitely gonna stock up if i see it :-) I did also get a free bamboo toothbrush in the box which was cool, i don't really use it tho cos the bristles are too soft for me.

Shop White Glo - HERE

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Friday, 15 September 2017

5 weeks to go till Australia - Long Distance romance, updated Diet & getting a makeover

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Hey everyone, today i felt like sharing an update post on my travels to Australia. If you didn't see the first post i shared on this then click here to catch up :-)

It's been a while since i talked about Australia on my blog but i've been uploading my #GFFA (Getting fit for Australia) series of vlogs on my youtube if you follow me there?
It's getting so close now tho, its only 5 weeks on Tuesday, Tuesday the 24th of October is when I'm flying. So as you might know I'm going over to Adelaide to meet up with a guy who i met on my previous cruise ship holiday in June...


It's kinda strange cos we only met in June and it was over 4 days that we got to know each other. We then continued to chat every day and was just getting to know each other more. Angus (is he's name) and he really wanted me to come over to Aus and live there lol Instead we decided on a holiday first so i saved like crazy, i put every penny i had aside and gave up getting my hair done (7 months of roots and a trim,LOL) and gave up buying or doing anything for myself because i wanted to buy these flights asap. I booked them at the end of July as soon as i got my second pay and got return flights for £750 on i think it was cheap


So i'm very excited cos next month is my last pay from work before i travel and i've put a bit of money aside to buy new clothes. Omg I'm so excited to buy some new things for myself....finally lol
I'm also getting my hair done, again i've put half money aside this month for that too. I'm only on part time hours at work (with some extra) so it's been very tight with money! I just found out today tho that my fave hairdresser has left the salon, not gonna kinda put a downer on my day! lol It's taken me ages to find someone who does my hair exactly how i want it and who i can trust. I have no idea who to go to know, might stick with the same hairdressers tho but i am gutted i have to change my hairdresser! Anyway so yea getting my mahoosive roots sorted, back to that fresh blonde, i can't bloody wait!! I'm also gonna go on the sunbeds at the end of this month to top up a nice tan. I was gonna use fake tan but i just cba with that stuff anymore, it's too much effort and don't like the smell or the fact it can come off on ya clothes etc. I am so excited to hopefully feel like a brand new person when i go, new hair, new clothes, new tan etc...bring it on! :-)


So i have been trying to eat healthy, i've never stuck to being that strict on myself tho so i think i've lost a bit of weight but mostly just maintained it. Angus did say that the first day in Aus maybe we could go to the beach so i really wanna shrink my stomach down a bit more cos i wanna feel confident in a bikini and right now....i'm not feeling so confident! :/ I have made a difference in my body before tho in just one month so i know i can do it! :-) From Monday i am gonna be so much more strict on myself...need to stop having so much sugar and need to make the gym 5-6 times a week, i mean this is only for 5 more weeks, it's not that long.. i gotta remember that!lol

So yep i think that's pretty much all i have to update you on, i just felt like i wanted to get this off my chest so it feels good to have shared this, i do love sharing things online anyway so hope you liked reading :-) Don't forget to see my youtube channel for the travel vlogs to Australia and a few more leading up to the trip!

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Autumn/Fall Makeup Look | 2017

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Hello everyone, today i decided to do an Autumn/Fall makeup look. I am not a professional at makeup but i do love to share different looks here and there when i'm inspired. I really wanna do a Halloween makeup look very soon, i put up a poll on Twitter earlier asking which look you'd like to see the most, Harley Quinn, Scary doll or skeleton look? You can go to my Twitter at Carlyccxx to vote in the poll if you want? I'd love to know what you'd like to see :-) Or you can comment on this blog post to let me know. Anyway i will now insert some pics of todays look below and a list of all the products i used, you can click the product names as i've linked each one for you to see it in more detail.


Instant Fix Concealer - Primark
Studio Fix - Mac
Bronze & Sculpt - Loreal
Insta Blush - Revlon
Insta Fix Highlighter - Revlon
Natural i-divine Eyeshadows - Sleek
White eyeliner - Barry M
Black eyeliner Colorstay - Revlon
Mega Multiplier Mascara - Revlon
Fake eyelashes - Eye Candy
Crayon Lipstick - Revlon

See my video on this makeup look > HERE <
♥︎ Carly

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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Top 5 Autumn/Winter Lipsticks

SHOP - - - Velvet Kiss // Kate 22 // Metal Liquid // Kate 107 // Ultra HD - - -

Hello everyone, today i'm sharing my top 5 lip products for Autumn and Winter 2017.
I'm starting to get pretty excited for the colder days now, i just love the whole vibe of it chocolates, open fires, blankets, beanie hats, knee high boots, big cosy coats....the list could go on!

It is kinda strange tho cos just as i'l just be getting into the Autumn ways i'l then be flying over to Australia for 3 weeks where they will be getting into their summer! I go next month by the way...i'm so excited (25th October to be exact!) Make sure your subscribed to my youtube channel for the Travel vlogs to come :-)

So anyway back to the the point of this post....i picked out 5 of my fave lipsticks from what i had...i did film a Lipstick Collection video not too long ago actually...if you missed it, catch up here :-)

So i have two lipsticks from Rimmel (Kate Moss) one is in the colour 22 which is a brighter red and the other is the famous 107, a deep red colour, reminds me of Autumn berries :-)
I also have a liquid metal lipstick in the colour Illuminate which is from La Girl. I used this in my recent blog post 'Get ready with me - Night out to Brighton' I've never owned a lip product with the type of effect this one gives so it's different for me.
I also have one from Collection in colour Mulberry 5, it's a deep purple shade with a velvety lip cream texture. I have another coral lip cream from Collection which has been my ultimate summer fave.
The last one is a gorgeous nude shade from Revlon which is a matte lip cream again and i guess this could be an all round colour as nude shades are nice anytime of the year. The creamy texture it gives on the lips tho makes it feel quite autumnal and this one has a really nice smell :)


Rimmel Kate Moss no22
Rimmel Kate Moss no107
La Girl Metal Liquid
Revlon Ultra HD Matte
Collection Velvet Kiss

Let me know which one is your fave?

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Revlon Colorstay Cream eye shadow
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Saturday, 2 September 2017

How to make your own strawberry jam? Plant Based & Vegan | Healthy Lifestyle

Hello everyone, hope your all good?

So today i am sharing how to make your own Strawberry Jam.
I can't believe how easy this is to make and it's so much healthier for you then buying it in a jar with all the added sugars.
I am currently trying out more plant based foods and using foods with more natural ingredients. I'm really enjoying finding new recipes and foods that are natural and wholesome and so thought i'd start sharing any favourites on here :)

This jam only has 3 ingredients, Strawberries, Honey and Chia Seeds!

I got the this from Deliciously Ella recipe book but as i only had like 6 strawberries left i made a very small batch, i can't wait to use this on some toasted rye bread tomorrow :-)

The actual amount of food listed in the recipe book was as follows...

Strawberries 400g
Thick Honey 3 tablespoons
Chia Seeds 2 tablespoons

So i used about 6 strawberries, i put them into the saucepan and heated with the honey (i used Rowse Honey) for about 5 minutes until they went soft. I then mushed them with the potato masher until the mix was smooth and added my Organic Chia seeds and mixed in. Leaving it on a low heat to simmer, i gave it a stir every so often for the next 20 minutes. I then took it off the heat and put in a bowl to cool and once cooled popped it into an air tight container and into the fridge. (It says this lasts up to a week) By the way when cooking this it smelt sooo good and sweet. I also never measured what i put in as i had way less strawberries that it said so i just guessed :-)

Let me know if you make this yourself?
If you enjoy seeing plant based meals i actually uploaded a 'What i eat in a day' video on my youtube channel, click here to see it.

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