Thursday, 10 August 2017

How To Be Confident and Love Your Body - Body Image // Self Esteem

Hey everyone, so i recently did a video on my youtube channel about Body Confidence.
I thought today i would go through a few things that i mentioned in the video incase you don't watch my channel and hopefully this post will help or inspire you :-)


So we see it all the time around the internet...perfect looking girls, it can make you feel a bit down about your own body and you feel like that's the standard you need to live up too! It's so frustrating because young girls grow up feeling like they have so much pressure and it shouldn't be like that. Firstly you have to remember that everyone is different and you will never look the exact same as somebody else...why would you want to anyway! :-) Also when people post pictures it can all depend on the angle, the way they pose, if they suck in, the lighting or they could even use photoshop, you don't know?! For girls to get a really perfect sculpted body it does involve a lot of hard work, you would need to have a strict diet and be working out A LOT! I've been on a Bikini Prep diet and i know how hard that is...


Remember that the figure to get for stage isn't maintainable and fitness shows are a sport, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. So the next time you are comparing yourself to a bikini competitors body, remember it's not realistic. Even they don't look like that ALL the time!


Never feel like you have to do a strict diet or cut any foods out, you just need to eat in moderation and exercise. There are a lot of little things in life you can change to live a healthier lifestyle. Start by looking after your body the right way from the inside first, your physique will then follow. You shouldn't focus too much on how you look on the outside but concentrate on nourishing your body and keeping your heart healthy, you will soon see changes on the outside anyway and your body and mind will be happy overall. You don't need any quick fixes or silly diets to go by, if you start cutting foods out as well you are more likely to crave things or start binging. This isn't good and it could lead you into a bad place, i've been through the binging stages the last few years since doing bikini prep.


When you walk into the gym or anywhere for that matter, if your not happy with how you look then your always worrying what people are thinking. You wear certain clothes because you feel it hides certain body parts or you won't do something you love all because you 'think' you look bad. I used to walk into the gym feeling like everyone was looking at me and thinking 'oh she's put on some weight' so it made me feel like i didn't even wanna go to the gym! NOW tho i am better, i do still get them unconfident moments, i don't think it can go away that easily...i just don't care anymore tho, i concentrate on my workout and focus on what I'm doing. It's most likely that no one is actually thinking what you are anyway, you are your worst critic and think the worst of yourself. Most the time you feel like you look horrible but when you look back after a few months you actually realise, you didn't actually look that bad! Whenever you feel crappy again then remember in a few months you will look back and realise you had nothing to worry about, it's all in your head. Don't let these things effect you anymore and just see how much more fun you can have in life when you stop worrying so much :-D You have no idea when life could end so you gotta embrace each day and have fun!!


I mean.. not everyone is gonna love their body but you just gotta learn to love what you have, HOWEVER...there is always time for change. You can always make a difference to make yourself feel better and look better. I am thinking to do a blog post on healthy habits you can do to to change your life. You don't need to make drastic changes and you have to be realistic about things, don't do a crazy diet which you know you won't be able to stick to forever, yea you might loose some weight etc but your more likely to then put it all back on and maybe i wouldn't even waste your time. You wanna find a way to enjoy yourself so you can maintain it and live a happier healthy life (with treats) :-D

If you wanna check out my youtube video then click here...sometimes listening to someone speak about this subject can also help :-)

I really do hope that this post has helped in some way, let me know in the comments if you have any feedback.

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