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5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips // Lose Weight and get fit - Ways To Change Your Life

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Today i thought i'd give you some healthy habits that will help you live a healthier lifestyle. Include these changes into your daily routine and see how your life improves.


This can be built up slowly, the more you start drinking the more your body then naturally craves it. I'm now always thirsty and without even thinking about it, i'm always drinking water. I now take a big glass of water to bed with me incase i need to sip it through the night but when i wake up i always down it before actually getting up. I always make a green tea when i wake up too which is more water so that also counts. When i go to work or out somewhere i have my half a gallon sized water bottle from My Protein which is great cos i make sure i get through all that and its almost 2 litres. Water is so good for cleansing the body, flushing out toxins and it's just so essential for your health so i really encourage people to drink more!!!

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It's great to swap your normal teas with Green Tea or even matcha tea. They have so much more goodness in them, loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. I took a while to like green tea when i first tried it but i new it had really good health benefits so i continued and now i don't mind it at all, i mean it's not something i crave but it's definitely included in my daily routine. I usually start the day with a cup of lemon green tea, i find that Clippers have the best ones :-)


When you have too much sugar it can be bad for your health, it can cause diabetes and tooth decay. Sugar has no essential nutrients and a whole load of empty calories! I wouldn't say cut sugar out completely cos then we would all go crazy! lol but try to avoid foods with lots of added sugar, opt for natural sugar alternatives like fruit or use sweeteners such as Truvia sweetener that can be a better option. Certain foods can contain a lot of sugar without us realising it so always take time to read the labels. One tip is, if a label shows a product has,e.g. less fat, it usually means they will have added more of something else so always be careful with food packaging.


Exercising is really important for your heart and body. It's good to be more active on a daily basis, that just means moving more, it can be doing the hoovering, going for a dog walk, taking a walk to the shops instead of driving your car, taking the stairs instead of the lift. Once you start making these small changes you will see a difference. Try a new hobby or activity that keeps you active, find an exercise that you enjoy, it could be the gym, swimming, horse riding, tennis...etc There are so many things you can do so theres gotta be something you enjoy :-) Read my blog post about 14 Reasons Exercise Can Benefit You.


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This one will help you out when your really busy during the week. It's good to take one day out and meal bulk which is where you can make a big batch of something that will last you through the week. I have a few blog posts i've done before on a few food prep ideas such as healthy banana bread which you can cut into slices and freeze, healthy soup which you can freeze and a massive batch of granola which is so handy to chuck in a bowl with some yoghurt and berries. Home made granola is made so much healthier than the packets you buy from the store which had loads of added sugars!
When you cook dinner, always cook a little extra so you can portion it into Tupperware for the next day or two? Making effort to prep your food for the next day or next few days if you know you are going to be busy will help you stay on track, your more likely to eat what you prepared that way instead of grabbing a quick unhealthy option.
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  1. Great post - I've got back into my good habits such as food prepping lately and it makes such a difference!!!

    Emma |


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