Friday, 4 August 2017


Hey everyone, today i thought i would share a workout with you. I think this is the first time i've shared one on my blog? :-)
The only two butt pics i had to compliment the post was off me competing in the two shows i did! :) When i got these pics from my facebook page it got me looking through all the others from when i competed, it's just given me so much motivation and made me realise i can look better if i put my mind to it, if you didn't know i trying to get back in shape for Australia. Check out my facebook here if you want some motivation?

So today i was originally meant to be going to Summer In the City, which if you don't know it's a large youtube event held in London once a year over the weekend.
If you read my previous blog post then you will know that i'm off to Australia soon so i spent the last of my extra money buying flights this month, the price kept going up so i didn't wanna pay out even more by waiting! Anyway that meant i didn't have travel money to get this event, i actually bought the weekend ticket a few months back too so lost out £60 but ah well!

So i woke up today feeling a bit gutted about not going to London and kinda lost all my motivation...i sat around for a few hours then at 11am decided, right that's it...i need to find a fun workout and get my arse to the gym! So i did...and i was in such a better mood afterwards, after not having any motivation i ended up putting so much effort into my workout! I loved it too, it was so challenging and i didn't eve use weights for some things and it still killed my legs, which is good :-D
I also did a really good legs workout the other day too so if you like this one then maybe il share the other one too? Let me know in the comments :-)

Anyway here is the workout....enjoy! :-D

Superset | 4 sets
12 sumo squats
12 stiff leg deadlift

Superset | 4 sets
10 Bulgarian split squats (each leg)
15 weighted jumping lunges

Tri-set | 3 sets
10 single leg RDL (Romanian Deadlifts)
10 curtsy lunges
(complete 10 of each movement on the left leg, then on the right leg)
10 jumping squats

Tri-set | 3 sets
10 donkey kicks
10 fire hydrants
10-15 frog hip ups

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(Workout taken from Whitney Simmons on Youtube)

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