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5 Easy Hairstyles for Girls - Creative but easy to achieve

Hey everyone, today i'm sharing 5 hairstyles which are great for back to school or even going to work, just anytime you wanna do a cool hairstyle which is easy but looks like you've put in a lot of effort in doing it then this is the post for you :-)
Let me know in the comments which hairstyle you like best and if your gonna try any out yourself?


For this one, you simply part your hair in the middle (or how you wish) being a middle parting tho just evens the hair on each side, i find it's better like that for this style. Anyway, start to braid at each side of the head all the way to the end of the hair and secure with a hair tie, then loosen the braids for a thicker/messier look. You then bring the braids around the back of the head and loop one through the other one, or just twist so they blend together, its up to you. I removed the hair ties on mine and then secured in place with some hair grips.


For this one i section of half of my hair but as i pull through the last bit i keep it in a half loop. I then split the loop in two and kinda flip the hair upwards so its against my head (looking like a bow) I then just secure the bow against the head with hair grips, i put a grip sliding up and one sliding down the keep the bow in place. If you have shorter hair you could flip the end bit of hair hanging down and secure as the middle of the bow but it was a bit tricky with mine so left it as it was.
It is a bit hard to explain this style which is why i've also filmed a video on these looks so you can watch that at the bottom of this post if you like :-)


Again you want to section of the top part of your hair and secure with a tie (for my styles i used clear elastics which are great, you can get them here) You want to keep the ponytail low to the head as then your going to bring it upwards and push through the middle of the hair (just above the hair tie)..if that makes sense. Then take another section below and tie that over the first ponytail and repeat the process, then do it one more time. You can then either leave the hair down as it is or tie the rest of the hair together in a low ponytail to finish off.


Tip your head upside down to get a high ponytail and just like the previous 'Half up hair bow' you want to leave the last bit of hair in a loop (this loop will be a bit bigger than the other hairstyle tho), then twist the loop so your bringing the excess bit of hair to the front of your head. You then split the loop into two and bring that extra bit of hair sticking forward over the middle (separating the loop) you then just secure that bit in place and then what i did was secure some grips at the bottom part of each loop to hold the bow into place on the head.
If you want a thicker looking bow (so it's not floppy) a tip is to back comb your hair before you start this look. Lightly tease it through the middle to the ends (so you look slightly like a cave women,lol) and then it has more structure and volume to it... making the bow appear fuller and it kinda stays in place better!


Tip your head upside down and this may be awkward to do but start to braid your hair from the bottom of your neck up towards the top of your head and stop to wear your high ponytail will go. When you do this it will feel really fiddly but keep going with it cos it turns out better then your think it's going! Mine isn't perfect but it wasn't a disaster so just kept with it.
Once you've finished the braid just grab the hair together and secure in a high pony. Now i definitely like to tease my hair once it's tied up for this one, it just works so much better, i think.
Once it's been teased and got some volume going on then you just wanna create a bun, i like creating a messy bun. (whatever you prefer) To do mine i basically hold the pony up and with one hand i part my fingers and slide through the hair and then kinda just twist and tie up...that's really hard to explain,lol check out the video below if you wanna see exactly how i did it! :-D Anyway pin your hair in to place and your done!

This pic i uploaded to Instagram: @CarlyCx
I use a tangle Teezer in my daily routine and for teasing my hair which i really recommend, here are few i like; number 1 with flamingoes on is my most fave and i really need to buy it soon!

So i hope you enjoyed this hair post, what one is your fave? Check out my video below and click here to go to my youtube channel page, i would love you to subscribe and keep up with more videos i post :-) Thanks so much and i will see you again soon 💕


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