Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Music is a big part of my life, i listen to it probably every day! I would be lost without my headphones!
Since i went on my previous cruise holiday with Shipsomnia > catch up on that blog post here
I feel like i've started to open up more to music, i would usually end up sticking to what i already know but never purposely looked for new music or new artists! Dunno why i never did but anyway since Shipsomnia i've heard so much new stuff i never new about which i now really love!

If you follow me on Twitter you would see i do share quite a bit of music through my spotify, whenever I'm listening to something I'm like 'oh my god, i HAVE to share this' So that's what promoted me to do this post today. Let me know if you like it cos i will probably wanna make this a regular thing. Give these songs a chance tho, most take a few mins to really kick in :-)

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