Sunday, 9 July 2017


I just had to share this on my blog today because i think i've found my new favourite BCAA's.
BCAA stands for branched chain amino acid and they help with muscle growth and development.

The BCAA's i have here are also with a power punch to give you that extra boost when working out and prevent fatigue, it can be taken before, during or after a workout.

This one in particular is from USN and you can shop it if you click here.
You can also get it cheaper on Amazon but just not the flavour that i had: click here.

The flavour i have is the Blue Raspberry and it is 'hands down' now my ultimate favourite! It reminds me of the blue slush puppies i would get down in Brighton :-) It's that good! I did crush some ice to put in my shaker as it's also been really hot in England but it definitely made think, how good would it be if i had an actual slush puppy maker and then could make my own healthy bcaa slush :-)

I actually get excited for the gym now with my new bcaa's and i've been having much better sessions now i'm taking this instead of just plain water :-) If you didn't know by the waayyy...i'm now getting fit for Australia as I'm hoping to fly there middle/end of October :-) I'm so excited, i just had to tell you! I was gonna compete in September but now i don't think i'm gonna have enough money cos it can be very expensive and i need to focus on Australia now :-) Keep up with all my social media tho cos i will definitely be sharing everything along the way and when i arrive Down Under :-) :-) :-)

But anyway if your looking for a new BCCA flavour i would highly recommend Blue Raspberry. What is your favourite flavour? Let me know in the comments :-)

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