Sunday, 16 July 2017

Barcelona Spain - Exploring The City, Beach and seeing the best views

When i recently went on the party cruise with Shipsomnia the ship actually docked from Barcelona so i had a long day waiting for my flight back home.
Whilst i was there i decided to make the most of it, i stayed with a guy i'd met on the ship and we walked around exploring.

We found a really nice healthy food place by the beach which i did share in a blog post here if you missed it? We then walked up past the beach and decided to go on the sky rail, id never been on on of these before and i was really excited. It cost us 16,50 euros each and the guy i was with (Angus was the name) was actually so lovely and paid for me :-) He had been on this before the cruise when he arrived in Barcelona but was happy to do it again to show me all the views. The views you could see were amazing, we even saw our ship in the dock which i got a good close up photo with my extra zoom in lens :-)

We went over to the other side where we could get off where they had more views, a little garden area, two food places and also a hotel. We actually went over with no water so was really thirsty and the food place only took cash but only Angus had he's card. By the way we were walking around with like 2-3 hours sleep because of the ship had closing party and then we had to depart so early. I did vlog the day too so you can watch that here if you like.

Once we were done looking around that side we then waited back in the que to go back over, it's good as you can concentrate looking out one side on the way there and the other coming back so you never miss any views.
I miss this whole holiday soooo much and can't wait to go on this cruise again next year :-) Travelling solo was literally the best choice i've ever made, it gave me an opportunity to meet amazing people, to experience something new and have one of the best holidays!


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