Friday, 21 July 2017

Next Travels to Australia - holiday romance and my diet & fitness plans

Heyyy, i thought i would talk a little bit about my next travel adventures...this time to Australia :-D

I NEVER THOUGHT I'D BE GOING TO AUSTRALIA! This is a dreeeaaam, i've always wanted to go but never really thought it would happen.


So i did meet a guy on my previous cruise holiday in June and he lives in Adelaide, Australia.
We did get on well, we have been talking every day since the cruise and i am booking the flights when i get paid next week. I'm saving all my extra money i have for these flights and hopefully should have enough on my next pay. This does mean tho i've had to sacrifice getting my hair done and omg, its been like 6 months now since i last got it coloured and cut, the roots are massive! lol Hoping to get it all fresh just before i go tho :-) The only money i keep extra for myself right now is to buy food really. When i first met Angus and found out he was from the other side of the world i never even thought anything would come from it, i just assumed, ah well...looks like i'll never see him again then! :( I am so glad i was wrong tho, if you actually put your mind to something you can make anything possible!


Even tho Angus met me the way i currently look (with extra rolls) and still did like me (lol), i actually wanna do this for my own confidence and happiness (..and the health reasons) :-D
I do wanna 'WOW' Angus with a new physique and i wanna fit back into some old dresses i have cos it'd be nice to wear some when i go :-D You can follow my snapchat (lifewithcarlyc) and Instagram stories (carlycx) to see my journey on getting fit, i will upload some youtube vlogs and posts on here but it won't be as often so to see more daily stuff, check out my other social media :-)
I do like to live a healthy balanced life with fitness and food, i've not been doing much of that lately, gonna be honest...malteasers have been taking over my life at the mo, but that has to stop! lol
When i get my mindset in the right place tho i can do a diet plan quite well. As i've done bikini prep before, i've proved i am able to achieve my fitness goals!

I will be choosing much healthier options to get fit but also treating myself a bit, i don't want to deprive myself from anything but i do want to go by a plan as i work better like that, especially if my goal is to lose weight then i need to stay on track and i know from previous times i go off track quite easy if i don't have something to go by! I want to set myself the goal of working out at least 4-5 times a week and i need to make sure i add in some HIIT and cardio sessions too, maybe some days il swim (not done that in ages) and maybe some times il do a class, i love spin! I want to keep it fun and varied :-)

I really hope you are excited to follow my journey! It will be 12 weeks from the 1st of August so the fitness and diet really needs to get serious from then if i wanna see any change in my body! I am travelling towards the end of October for 3 weeks and i'm so excited to share it all with you.

Love Carly x

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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Barcelona Spain - Exploring The City, Beach and seeing the best views

When i recently went on the party cruise with Shipsomnia the ship actually docked from Barcelona so i had a long day waiting for my flight back home.
Whilst i was there i decided to make the most of it, i stayed with a guy i'd met on the ship and we walked around exploring.

We found a really nice healthy food place by the beach which i did share in a blog post here if you missed it? We then walked up past the beach and decided to go on the sky rail, id never been on on of these before and i was really excited. It cost us 16,50 euros each and the guy i was with (Angus was the name) was actually so lovely and paid for me :-) He had been on this before the cruise when he arrived in Barcelona but was happy to do it again to show me all the views. The views you could see were amazing, we even saw our ship in the dock which i got a good close up photo with my extra zoom in lens :-)

We went over to the other side where we could get off where they had more views, a little garden area, two food places and also a hotel. We actually went over with no water so was really thirsty and the food place only took cash but only Angus had he's card. By the way we were walking around with like 2-3 hours sleep because of the ship had closing party and then we had to depart so early. I did vlog the day too so you can watch that here if you like.

Once we were done looking around that side we then waited back in the que to go back over, it's good as you can concentrate looking out one side on the way there and the other coming back so you never miss any views.
I miss this whole holiday soooo much and can't wait to go on this cruise again next year :-) Travelling solo was literally the best choice i've ever made, it gave me an opportunity to meet amazing people, to experience something new and have one of the best holidays!


Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Music is a big part of my life, i listen to it probably every day! I would be lost without my headphones!
Since i went on my previous cruise holiday with Shipsomnia > catch up on that blog post here
I feel like i've started to open up more to music, i would usually end up sticking to what i already know but never purposely looked for new music or new artists! Dunno why i never did but anyway since Shipsomnia i've heard so much new stuff i never new about which i now really love!

If you follow me on Twitter you would see i do share quite a bit of music through my spotify, whenever I'm listening to something I'm like 'oh my god, i HAVE to share this' So that's what promoted me to do this post today. Let me know if you like it cos i will probably wanna make this a regular thing. Give these songs a chance tho, most take a few mins to really kick in :-)


Sunday, 9 July 2017


I just had to share this on my blog today because i think i've found my new favourite BCAA's.
BCAA stands for branched chain amino acid and they help with muscle growth and development.

The BCAA's i have here are also with a power punch to give you that extra boost when working out and prevent fatigue, it can be taken before, during or after a workout.

This one in particular is from USN and you can shop it if you click here.
You can also get it cheaper on Amazon but just not the flavour that i had: click here.

The flavour i have is the Blue Raspberry and it is 'hands down' now my ultimate favourite! It reminds me of the blue slush puppies i would get down in Brighton :-) It's that good! I did crush some ice to put in my shaker as it's also been really hot in England but it definitely made think, how good would it be if i had an actual slush puppy maker and then could make my own healthy bcaa slush :-)

I actually get excited for the gym now with my new bcaa's and i've been having much better sessions now i'm taking this instead of just plain water :-) If you didn't know by the waayyy...i'm now getting fit for Australia as I'm hoping to fly there middle/end of October :-) I'm so excited, i just had to tell you! I was gonna compete in September but now i don't think i'm gonna have enough money cos it can be very expensive and i need to focus on Australia now :-) Keep up with all my social media tho cos i will definitely be sharing everything along the way and when i arrive Down Under :-) :-) :-)

But anyway if your looking for a new BCCA flavour i would highly recommend Blue Raspberry. What is your favourite flavour? Let me know in the comments :-)

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Monday, 3 July 2017

First Time Cruise - What To Expect | Cruise Ship Tips

As i recently went on my first ever cruise i thought it would be good to share some tips that i learnt.

I actually went on a party cruise with Shipsomnia but i think all of these tips go for any type of cruise you go on. The ship i went on was Royal Caribbean, Brilliance of the seas.


This will save you money overall if you like to drink. Especially where i went on a party cruise, this would have been useful for me. I wasn't aware of this tho until on board the ship. A girl i made friends with (as i travelled alone) told me her drinks package cost around $250 so when i asked about it on board it was then $550 which was crazy money to me. However individual drinks are pretty expensive on board the ship, a small vodka and orange cost $8.96! Luckily for me the girl and others i'd met through the holiday actually bought me drinks on their drinks card so it saved me a ton of money :-)


When you have an unlimited package then make sure you know exactly what's included. I had water, tea, coffee and juices included in mine but what i hadn't realised is that i could only get it from the self service machine, they would charge me for it at the bar. Also water that they put in your room they charge you for and extras like using the spa and certain restaurants on board.


This is a tips free that the ship automatically add on at the end of the cruise. You can actually remove this off if you go to customer service/reception desk at the start of the holiday. That way you can give tips when you feel like it and it means that you might not have to give as much as they would have taken. Unfortunately with Shipsomnia they told me it wasn't aloud to be removed but my Grandparents go on a lot of cruises and they were the ones that told me this can be done, they go on normal cruises tho so it must be different on them.


If you use any towels that you want changing that day then leave those ones on the floor so the housekeeping know. If you hang it back up then it won't get changed.


There is a certain towel if you want to borrow it for a sunbed during the cruise, there is a certain area on the ship where you can get one these towels. You must return it at the end tho (don't leave it in the room) otherwise they will charge you!


Never risk leaving valuable items around the room because you don't wanna risk anything going missing, i don't think i could relax if i knew my bits weren't locked away! There should always be a safe in the room and with mine i had to put a 4 digit code in to keep it locked. I always kept my un-used camera, laptop, passport and purse in there.


I would suggest taking a food bag or box to collect some breakfast food in the morning of departure. Most likely you will have used all your money up on the ship so to make sure you don't go hungry i would stock up and make the most of the free food. I forgot to do this myself, i was so tired i just walked right out and thought 'oh crap' i now have no food! lol My flight wasn't until 7pm that evening so i had a really looonnngggg wait! Luckily i had met an amazing guy on the ship tho and i texted him to see if he could pick me up some croissants (which he did) After that my plans of waiting at the port for hours changed and ended up exploring Barcelona with this guy :-)

So that is the main tips i can think of sharing, i hope i haven't missed anything. If you wanna catch up
on my cruise vlogs then check out my Travels Abroad playlist by clicking Here!
Or check out my blog post with some amazing photo's i took by clicking Here.

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