Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Summer Holiday Shopping Made Easy | June 2017

So i started to browse different fashion websites today as i'm going on holiday tomorrow! (ahhh!) :-D Can't wait! All tho it's too late to order anything now i just like getting excited by looking at all the fashion and to get some inspiration. I still haven't packed yet which i have to do later after work so i still need to plan my outfits! I'm such a last minute type of person...i wish i wasn't but it always seems to  happen that way!
So i saw so many nice outfits that it prompted me to do this blog post, instead of bombarding my twitter with individual posts of them all it's easier to put them all together on my blog. I ended up getting carried away with adding so much stuff below, i even added a few beauty products i saw which i love.

I guess this could help if your going on holiday or just want a new summer wardrobe. Hopefully it will give you inspiration and if you have the same style as me it saves you time browsing about and make your online shopping a whole lot easier.
You can just click on the item you like and it will take you straight to the page to see more info :-) Click the arrow on the right of the products to scroll through more...
(Everything will be a mix of budget and luxury)

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