Saturday, 3 June 2017

Summer Wedding ~ My Best Friend Got Married

Yesterday i attended my best friends wedding, we have known each other since school and always stayed really good mates, i was so proud to be there on her special day. She held her wedding at Nutfield Priory Hotel & Spa which was so lovely, if your from the Surrey area you may know it?

I only took photos on my phone so not the best quality and i was uploading to Snapchat (lifewithcarlyc) through the day and on Instagram stories (carlycx). It definitely did run my battery down and i forgot my charger...luckily it got down to 4% once i got home so just about kept it alive!

They were handing out free drinks so i certainly made the most of it, i had 4 of these orange juices with champagne mixed in. Then for the meals i had another glass of champagne on the table and through the meal had two glasses of white wine poured. I don't usually drink and don't care for it much...until i have one, then i get excited to keep going lol I did a few more glasses of wine as the night continued and yes i did wake up with a horrible hangover!

Best Selfie mirror!

I stayed right until the end of the night, had a good dance with everyone and if you wanna see some video clips of the night you should go see my snapchat and Instagram cos the videos will still be there :-) I actually filmed my outfit i wore and just uploaded it to my youtube channel so check it out HERE if you wanna know where it's all from, i also shared a few extra things i used to get ready.

So i got a taxi to the place and went alone. For coming back...i had just called to book a taxi but then got offered a lift so called the taxi back to cancel. I said sorry, i was polite to them!!! but the guy just had a go at me and made me feel really bad and as i went to say something back he hung up on me mid sentence! I was fuming about that, why are some taxi drivers so rude! God!
Anyywaayyy...i did wanna film a 'What's in my bag' video when i got back but got home about midnight and i was quite drunk so went straight to bed. I did tho...once my hangover wore off a bit...filmed that video today so i will upload that soon which i can't wait to share.

I wasn't planning on writing this post but i just had this urge and wanted to share it i think i've said everything i wanted lol Hopefully you enjoyed reading this post.
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