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So i went on my first ever cruise this June (2017) and the ship i went on was with Royal Caribbean, Brilliance of the seas. I vlogged my whole time away which is on my YouTube Channel but i wanted to share it on here too.

This cruise was with Shipsomnia and it was a party cruise. BEST CRUISE EVER!.. But then it is the only cruise i have been on so i can't really compare,lol
I hadn't been out drinking in aggeeessss so i was very excited for it. The first day i actually wanted to get my sleep in so went up to bed at 10pm, i was trying to eat healthy and the next morning i even went to the gym! LOL didn't last long tho! As the next night continued i ended up drinking more and staying up till VERY late so i didn't wake up till lunch time the next day...the same then happened every day after so the gym was never to be seen again!

This ships DJ's would start playing music from 12pm all the way through till like 5am the next morning so there was always something good going on :-)
I had to get flights over to Barcelona on Wednesday 14th June where the ship left the dock about 5pm. The second day the ship docked in Ibiza and that night we would get free transfers to the sunset Zoo Project party which was amazing! The 3rd day the ship was on the waters so there were a few clubs on board that were going on. The 4th day the ship docked in Sete, France which i explored a bit of and then there was the ships closing party that night on Saturday (17th June) which was ocean themed and again IT WAS AMAAAZZIINNGGG!!! The next morning we all had to get off the ship EARLY! I Had 3 hours sleep because i was having so much fun partying and had to be off the ship between 6.30 and 7.30am! My flight wasn't until 7pm that day but luckily my plans had changed. Instead of sitting around all day just waiting for my taxi to the airport and then to board my flight, i ended up exploring Barcelona, i will keep all of that for another blog post tho and i can't wait to share amazing pics i got from that day :-)

Zoo project Ibiza
Ship's closing party

Ship's closing party

Closing party
I miss Shipsomnia so much, i met such amazing people (cos i did travel alone) but it was fine. I will do a blog post and youtube video very soon about traveling solo but just getting my last two holiday vlogs up before i do :-) I really want to do Shipsomnia again next year, i've also learnt a lot and now know what to expect. I will also be doing a cruise ship tips post and video too so keep an eye out, make sure you are following so you don't miss it :-) Oh i also got to see amazing sunset every evening so got some cool pics which i will share below. Thanks tho for checking out this post, if you have any questions about this cruise leave a comment below and i will answer them in my Cruise Tips post :-)

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