Saturday, 27 May 2017

What's In My Gym Bag - Summer Edition

I thought i would do a What's in my Gym Bag, Summer Edition :-)

I've been using my Puma gym bag which has been my go to bag lately, i got mine from Sports Direct.
For my outfit i have this gorgeous tank top in a bright pink colour which i love, great colour for summer, i think i got it from Primark, either there or H&M.

The black sports bra is from the brand USA Pro and i got it from Sports Direct, one of my favourite gym bras i've bought so far. It's thick enough to keep anything from poking through (if you get me) and it holds everything in place. One other thing it has built in pads so when you wash it, they don't move all over the place, that really annoys me with the other ones i have! USA Pro are good, i have leggings from them which are also great.

Shorts are again, from Sports Direct...not actually sure i like the way they look on me but they are the only baggy sports shorts i have, the other ones i have are mega tight...not worn them ones in AGES. Don't think i wanna attempt to try them on now as i know for sure they won't fit! lol

Trainers are a gorgeous summery colour and from George, Asda. They only cost me £8!!! Bargain! I mean they aren't the best fitted to my feet maybe if your running or something, but for just doing a gym session or a class they look good :-)

Next on to the bits and bobs...if you haven't got bored of reading yet that is?! lol
I have a flannel cos to rinse it with cold refreshing water and then wipe your face after a sweaty session feels so good!
I also have some facial wipes to cleanse my face and with wipes its quick and they are easy to just chuck in your bag. It's nice to use these to freshen up your body too and maybe the under arms..then what i forgot to add in my bag was deodorant but that would be great to chuck in.
Also i have hand wipes, just another freshen up option. These are all great obviously if your heading straight out the gym after a session and not staying for a shower. I never actually use the shower in my gym, i just walk straight home and do it there.
And then i have my tangle teezer cos it's the best brush EVER and after a sweaty spin class where your hairs all half hanging out the hair tie, you might just need it?!
Oh and my headband cos i hate when hair gets in my face

The last 3 essentials for me are my shaker with my favourite Berry Blast flavour BCAA's. I love that they give my water flavour and at the same time BCAA's which stands for Branch Chain Amino Acids (btw) are great for giving you more energy through your workout, reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery. I get mine from My Protein > here. They usually have great discounts on their site but if not you can use my discount code CCXX15 at checkout :-)

I always love taking my headphones with me to the gym, especially if i am doing some form of cardio on the gym floor, it can get really boring if you don't have any music to listen to or getting to connect to any of the tv's to watch. I love my white pair from Tk Maxx, can't remember the price but was around £20 i think?

And lastly i have gym gloves, if I'm doing weights which involve my hands getting blisters, like pull ups or deadlifts...these are a must. I got mine for my birthday once so i don't know where they are, they are old anyway and would like to buy new ones soon.

I am now on a 3 weeks mission to get fit as i am in process of booking flights for a mini festival cruise middle of June which i am SO EXCITED for so keep your eyes peeled on all my social media for that cos i will definitely be sharing it all!

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