Sunday, 21 May 2017

MUG CAKE - Muscle Moose | Cake in a Mug

Mug cakes are a great and easy snack, theres so many ways to make them but recently i bought this ready made mix from a shop in my town called QSS (Quality sports supplements) This shop sells a random bunch of things in the shop from different brands. They even had Muscle Food pizza which was great cos if i buy from Muscle food website you have to spend over £25 or £30 for delivery and when all i want is the pizza its a bit annoying.

This 500g Mug Cake mix is from the brand Muscle Moose and it was £11.65, i couldn't find this on the shop website for some reason ( but you can check out the Mug Cakes and more on Muscle Moose website. The cheapest i actually found online tho you can see for the same price on each of these 3 sites:
Dolphin Fitness | Body Building Warehouse | My Sports Fuel
You can click on either of the sites above and get the stuff for £12.95.

These are gluten free, high protein, golden syrup flavour and you just add water and microwave for 1 minute. I like to add an extra 10 seconds for mine but it depends how you like it?
These mug cakes are really nice and the golden syrup makes them smell amazing and they tasted a lot sweeter than i was expecting when i first tried it.

See my quick video on how this mix actually turns out...

Who else has tried these mug cakes from Muscle Moose? Would anyone like me to share a Make your own recipe?


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