Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Monthly May Favourites 2017

It's been a long time since i've shared any favourites so thought it was about time. Theres been quite a few things i've loved using lately so i've been very excited to share them with you.

First is my lovely notebook, i got this for my birthday which my Mum said she bought from Tk Maxx. I did find a similar one HERE. It's actually one from Kate Spade which i think look really good, seen a few girls using her diaries now and i really want one when i've filled up my others :-)

I've been using some body sprays from So..? Fragrance for a few months now but started using them a lot more heading into spring. They all smell so gorgeous and summery so are perfect for the warmer weather. They also last really well on the skin, i did a blog post on these which you can check out HERE. 

There a few things i recently bought from Primark which i love. One is the Mascara for £2, which i think is such a good price for a mascara and has surprised me cos it actually works pretty well. Next is a lip crayon in a pinky rose shade but is actually called Nude Beach. I also got a matte eyeshadow palette and in particular i really love using the top middle rose colour, the colours are really pigmented and this colour is just so pretty, also goes really well with the lip crayon. If you wanna check out my blog post on Testing out Primark makeup to see more of what i got and how it all came out in a makeup look i did, CLICK HERE.

Redken do a hair product called Pillow Proof which is amazing. You basically apply some product to wet hair, blow dry as normal and it actually speeds up the blow drying process. My hair is getting long now and also been dyed blonde so it takes a while drying it. When i found out about this stuff i loved it and really noticed it working. Check it out HERE.

Oh i forgot to also mention a dry shampoo from Primark. I found it by the till point and needed some so got it for £2 and i really loved it. It smelt amazing and did the job really well, i also did a blog post on this with before and after pics so if you missed that you can catch up HERE.

Theres a silicone makeup applicator i've been loving because it applies your makeup really nicely and doesn't soak up any foundation which means your foundation lasts longer, see it HERE. It's so much better compared to a makeup brush i was using from Primark which soaked up the product really fast!
Then i've also been loving this contour makeup brush from Blank Canvas Cosmetics. I've not had a contour brush before (i don't think?) and both these applicators are bright pink which i love, thinking about it...quite a lot i'm sharing in this post has some pink going on!

Lastly there's a few nail varnishes i've been using a lot lately. I have quite a large collection of polishes and these 4 are the ones i've been reaching for the most. I will be sharing my Top Summer Nail Polishes in a blog post coming soon, it could even be the next one i do? :-) But anyway the first polish i love is from Models Own and in the colour Hedkandi. It is quite old but CLICK HERE to see all their polishes, they do amazing colours...i feel a bit behind with my range when i see all the new ones!
The next is from Rimmel (Rita Ora) and is in the colour Peachella, see that HERE.
Then i have one from Primark which is in that gorgeous natural rose colour, SEE HERE for all Primark Beauty. The last polish is a really old one, i'm surprised it still works and not dried up! I have 3 of these, one in green and also on in orange. They are actually glitter based and all neon which i love. I am quite open to colours so even tho i love neutral shades i also love a pop of bright colour, especially in the summer and if I'm on holiday :-) These are from Colour Club, see more HERE.

Ohhhh i almost forgot to mention the makeup remover/cleanser i've been loving. The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water has been great and been using for a while now. It doesn't harm my eyes and removes my makeup easily. I think this is a favourite for a lot of girls actually, is it yours? What are your favourite things this month? Let me know in the comments :-)


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