Tuesday, 16 May 2017

BEST Most Affordable Makeup | Beauty under £5 on a Budget

If you're anything like me then you always wanna find the cheapest things cos we are always on a budget with our money! There are good products out there for crazy cheap prices tho and i'm gonna share a few in this post today. Make sure you follow my blog for more beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Next month, when i get paid :-D i'm gonna go on a bargain hunt for more makeup to share with you so keep an eye out here and on my youtube Channel for that :-)

Today tho as i'm currently skint! I searched for some makeup that i already had in my collection which i would really recommend and that won't break your bank balance :-)

1. Primark Mascara - Lash Contour (3D Curl - Lengthening - Mega Volume)
Click here or the product

I had heard from a few people that +Primark mascaras were really good so had to try it out myself. This was the first one i've tried and it's great. For only £2 i was surprised at how much i liked it. It applies on the lashes really nice, doesn't clump and separates and lengthens them. If you haven't tried Primark mascaras yet...what are you waiting for?! :-)

2. Primark Concealer Crayon (Instant Fix)
Couldn't find this online.

I think this is such a great coverage. Because it is a crayon it tends to stick to the skin really well. This actually put me off at first cos i felt like i couldn't blend it as smoothly but i soon got used to it and realised how it actually is a good coverage. You can sharpen this to get more use of the product and for £2 again....bargain!

3. Rimmel Clear Complexion
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I've used this for ages, mine has all crumbled up now tho which is why I'm sharing this pic from an older blog post. It doesn't make your face look cakey or thick, it's just perfect for that light finish to set your foundation, get away any shine but still leaving you with a clear complexion.

4. Cream Puff - Collection
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This is one of my favourite lip creams still. I'm at the last of this product right now and need some more. This is a moisturising lip cream and has a velvety finish when you apply it. Perfect summer colour too, i would definitely recommend this is your looking for a good lip cream.

5. MUA Lipstick (Makeup Academy)
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This lipstick is at amazing price of JUST £1!!! And look how gorgeous it comes out on the lips too, for that price i need to get some more. I searched my makeup collection to share cheap products and this was sitting at the back, i forgot i even had it! I feel like buying more from MUA now and doing a haul video on everything cos i could get so much for the amazing cheap prices they have?!

6. Primark Nail Varnish (Gel Effect)
£1.50 > 50p
Couldn't find online.

This nail polish is so good for 50p! Cheapest nail polish i've ever bought! Even £1.50 is cheap enough! Some black nail polishes can go a bit see-through and have a greyish look to them, this one was perfect and only needed one coat! It did chip after 1 day but that didn't bother me too much, i mean i never bother with base or top coats anyway and maybe if i did the polish would stay put better! They had a pink one of these too so might go back and get it, not that i don't have enough in my collection already!

I am on a serious bargain hunt soon so let me know if theres anything i should try out? Is there any makeup or beauty products you think are amazing for a really good price? Lets all share it in the comments, i'd love to know :-)

See the video i posted on these products - Click Here.

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