Monday, 1 May 2017

At Home Hair Dye ~ FAIL | Pixie Lott Paint (Wash Out)

Today i went into town to look at some pastel hair dyes. I have been wanting to try out a pastel hair colour for a while now so thought it's about time! I was nervous cos i haven't used any box dyes on my hair for ages as always go to the hairdressers so i was scared my attempt would look crap?!
I was thinking maybe a pastel pink but then i also love the silvery grey colour too. I then saw this one ~ Pixie Lott (paint) in the colour Starlight. It really stood out to me but i've never used this brand before. I actually did a strand test first cos i was worried it would be to vibrant and it wouldn't suit me BUT it hardly changed so i thought 'oh well, may as well just do my whole head then'!
I also filmed this for my youtube here to watch it.

                                   BEFORE                                                                  AFTER

I am quite disappointed how it hardly changed. You can see how its lightened the hair a bit but no where near what the box shows! When the blue paste/dye is on your hair is makes it appear like it's going that exact colour...until you wash it out! As it was on i started to get pretty excited to see the big change but i am still happy it's lifted the colour up cos i am in process of getting my blonde to a whiter tone anyway, getting it done next month at the hairdressers. Just a shame now i know this lighter blonde will fade quick cos its only wash out!

Has anyone else used this hair dye before? What did you think? Did the colour you have work fine on your hair?

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