Saturday, 6 May 2017

10 Things I Can't Live Without

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Now, i am going to share the materialistic things here otherwise this post could get quite deep. So instead of the obvious, my Mum, my dog, my house, etc i am gonna share the un-important things which maybe some of you can relate too? :-) I say un-important but here i am saying how i can't live without these things...

So Number 1.. My Phone

Now my phone is usually in my hand...most the time i would say? :/ It's not great i know BUT i do love social media and so i just can't help myself. Even when i'm sitting through a good tv show or film i can't help myself but check my phone like every 10 mins!

Number 2.. Chocolate 

Ok so not so much materialistic but more eatalistic! Never in a million years would i give up chocolate. If you know me quite well you would know bad i am with it..Mum.. if your reading! :) I've just stopped eating it daily tho cos i was eating it WAY TOO MUCH! I can now maybe go 3 or 4 days without pigging out but any longer than that and i start going crazy lol. My fave is dairy milk :-)

Number 3.. Lipbalm

I have quite a few lip balms floating around. Some in my bedroom, in my bags and on the table in front of the sofa! It's like i have this fear that i will suddenly run out and won't have one to use! lol But yea if I'm out somewhere and forgotten my lip balm its so annoying so always gotta make sure i have some to hand!

Number 4.. My Laptop

Just like my phone my laptop has loads on that i need. Obviously i love to blog and do youtube so i am always on my laptop doing some sort of work involved with that. I even bring this to work with me now as i can sit in the back office of reception and use it when its quiet and where i work it can get pretty quiet! I'm actually writing this blog post sitting at work right now! Got 2 hours left, then its home for chocolate, Take Me Out and Britains Got Talent :-D

Number 5.. Camera

So i would be lost without a camera in my life! I have my big SLR one for filming sit down videos and taking blog photos and my small one for vlogging. As youtube and blogging are my passions and it involves having a camera to do them, it would be like taking my passion away from me if i had no camera!

Number 6.. Tangle Teezer

I would hate to go back to a normal hair brush. Since the tangle teezer came into my life i have never looked back!

Number 7.. Water Bottle

Again this isn't materialistic, i guess i don't have that many material things to share? But i always need water with me. I wake up and have a full glass and always take my half a gallon water bottle to work with me, i got mine from My Protein. If you didn't know they are actually doing 25% off at the moment and with a free gift - click here for it

Number 8.. Music

I need music in my life. I have spotify and i love putting playlists together and sometimes i just go to already created playlists if I'm bored of my own. So i guess music links in with headphones. Always gotta have my headphones with me if I'm going to the gym, walking anywhere or travelling especially :-)

Number 9.. Primark

OMG can you imagine if their was no No more bargains, no more Primark would be a disaster! lol! But yea i do love shopping in there so it would weird to not have Primark in my life no more!

Number 10.. Blonde Hair

A few years ago i used to change my hair a lot! Back and forth from brown to blonde and one day realised blonde was the one for me so since then i've stayed. Sometimes i have the odd change but always go back to blonde again pretty soon after! I feel the most confident with blonde hair and i feel like it suits me the best.

My hair after getting it done in the hairdressers
I guess now i think about it i don't have that many materialistic things that i can't live without. There's things i love in life but not really a big enough deal to add in this post.

What are your top 5 things you can't live without?

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  1. Ahhh so many lovely things, I think you have just described all my favourites haha! Your blog is so cute and such beautiful snaps! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)


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