Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Choosing a Career & Living Your Dreams

You've gotta make the most of your life, don't let yourself get stuck in a dead end job you don't even like. Work hard to create the life you want, its not impossible to do. If someone else has done it, then what's stopping you to do it as well. It doesn't matter what sort of person you are, you can make things happen, you just need to work out what it is you need to do and take the steps to get there. It might not always be easy but then if it was everyone would be doing it. Everyone who has an amazing dream job has worked bloody hard to get there and also they have never given up, however many step backs you might get, NEVER GIVE UP, the point your about to give up could be the point where your life could change?! You've gotta be that person to take a step forward, come out of your comfort zone, try something new and work your arse off....what have you got to lose?! It's better to have tried something then to regret not trying and always wondering what if?!

For years now i've never really known what i wanted to do with my life, i left school not knowing what to do at college so just got a part time job in Next. I then decided to go for a beauty course a year on but it was never in me enough to wanna do treatments on people and i never had a desire to work in a salon. My friend was doing a Cabin Crew course and i like travel and holidays so i thought i'd try that...again tho i was never passionate enough to work on a plane, i just wanted to go on the actual holiday! I did try and do an evening makeup course along side cabin crew but stupidly quit that a few months in. After all that i decided to go back to do level 3 massage as i liked the idea of relaxation, mediation...all that stuff! Again tho, i felt like i couldn't imagine myself massaging people back to back all day as a job, it was again...i would prefer to get the massage myself. For years i felt so lost and stressed cos i was only getting older and still not knowing what i really wanted to do with my life...
Whilst i was at college tho, it was the first time i found youtube, i remember i used to love watching Foxy Locks Extensions and Zoella (back when she first started) It all looked so much fun that i decided to pluck up the courage and start a channel myself...i didn't have a lot of confidence tho and the thought of someone i knew watching me or finding my videos scared me so much that i did keep deleting videos when i would re watch them back and at one point i thought omg this is too embarrassing so stopped uploading for about 7 months?

Of course tho i missed it WAY TOO MUCH so i had to come back...i had literally found MY PASSION! :-)
Now this was something i could see myself doing for the rest of my life cos i absolutely loved it, everything about it. I am a creative kinda person and now i understand why i could never find a career i wanted to do, because no 'normal' kinda jobs excited me enough. I literally thought about so many different career paths but just none stood out enough....until i met youtube that is.

All tho back then i never knew you could do it as a career, i just knew i loved doing it. NOW tho i see people can do it full time which is so amazing. I just hope one day i can get to that place too, i love how creative youtube lets you be so i believe it's what I'm destined to do cos it suits me so well. I don't even care how long it takes, as long as i get there one day...but the sooner the better cos my current job right now is SO BLOODY BORING! :/ lol

What is your dream job? I'd love to know in the comments :-)



Friday, 14 April 2017

Trying PRIMARK Makeup ~ Full Face | First Impressions

I bought some new makeup the other day from Primark, catch up on my Haul video >here< I did buy a lot more makeup and beauty bits that are not in this look so go check it out if you like hauls :-)

I've never tried makeup from Primark before so i thought it would be interesting to share how it all worked for me and what i thought of it. I actually just uploaded another video on my youtube channel so if you want to see how i applied these products then >click here< Don't forget to subscribe :-)

Foundation Stick
£2.00 (ivory)

I found this to have quite a thick consistency and was quite hard to spread over my skin. I've bought a foundation stick once before from Maybelline (i think?) and that one glided over my face better so i always liked it.
This Primark one also has...i dunno how to describe it...a plasticy smell?? i hope you get what i kids makeup i guess? so i wasn't so keen it. Has anyone else tried it? did you like it?

Blush & Highlight Kit

I did like this palette, you get two blush shades and a highlight. I found when i used the brush to get some colour that the powder came off really easy and it got quite messy over my black leggings. The brush made some weird holes in the middle blush powder too so i guess it won't last long, it looks like it could crumble up easily. Other than that tho it was alright and i did like the highlight, you can't see the highlight on my face that well in the photos but if you watched the video you can see it a bit better.

Instant Fix Concealer 
£2.00 (light ivory)

This was in the form of a crayon so it stays put (like the foundation stick) its harder to spread. So its great on any spots but i like using concealer under the eyes too and it was harder to spread it out there which was why i am a bit half and half with this.

Bronzer Brick

This was quite nice and gave me a nice colour, it also has a slight shimmer/glow to it.

Eyeshadow Palette

There wasn't much choice for colours in the palettes i saw and i was in the mood for some colour so this was the best i got. These eyeshadows are matte and pigmented, i really liked them. The same with the blushers tho the powder can crumble off quite easily. I mean it's not such a big deal but i wanna include all i can.

Pencil Eyeliner and Gel Eyeliner Pot
£1.00 and £2.00

I really liked the pencil eyeliner, you got two in a pack and i only noticed when i was doing my haul video that you also get a sharpener. I got it in black and it came out really well, very pigmented and glides on well. I also really like the gel eyeliner, it has a tiny brush included in the lid and i've never used gel liner but this was great. It didn't take long to dry and was easy to apply.


I quite liked this mascara, it's like a comb type brush and is long on one side and has shorter bits the other side, i guess the long is for the upper lashes and short for the short? :-) This stood out to me because lately i'd been using Loreal Million Lashes and through the days of wearing that I'm always having to wipe of mascara under my eyebrows, i didn't get that with the Primark mascara tho! It did give my lashes a nice curl too like it says so i think it's pretty good, for £2.00 you can't go wrong!

Lip Crayon 

I do love a lip crayon and thought this one was nice. I did like how easy it was to apply and loved the colour.

I would probably give the Primark makeup that i used an 8/9 out of 10. My favourite products that stood out to me were the eyeliners and the lip crayon. I'm very happy i got the foundation brush cos been meaning to get one of them for a while so i got very excited when i saw it :-) That brush was £4.00, the big powder brush was £3.50 and the fan brush was £1.50.

By the way it was only my eyebrows where i didn't use anything from Primark.

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Has anyone else tried out Primark makeup, what is your most and your least favourite?


Thursday, 13 April 2017

BEST CHEAP Dry Shampoo | Beauty Bargains

Hey everyone :-)
I went shopping the other day to Primark and as i was about to go to the check out i noticed they sold dry shampoo. I was meaning to get some so chucked it in my basket to try it out. Did you see my Primark Beauty/Makeup Haul on my youtube? If you missed it, you can catch up >HERE< Tomorrow i'm uploading a video on trying out a full face of Primark makeup, make sure you subscribe to my channel to see it -

So my verdict on this product is very simple....I LOVE IT! First it smells amazing, i could only describe it as a sweet fruity smell and it does it's job very well. I think this is similar to the Batiste one which i like is £2.99 but this one from Primark is only £2. I tried to find this one on the got2b website but couldn't find it, i just wanted to compare and see if the price was the same.

Anyway i do really like this product, here are some before and after photos below...

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