Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Bikini Prep Diaries #2 | Podcasts For Motivation + Getting Back On Track

Hello :-) so last week wasn't so great for me, i ate rubbish food and didn't go to the gym all week, i just lost motivation. Also because the show is still quite far away i allowed myself to believe that i don't need to be that strict yet. That wasn't good for me tho cos then i got way to relaxed with it all and fell of track completely, i'm not exactly in great shape either so i need all the head start i can get! (picture above is of me when i WAS in good shape so it's not a current photo, just to clarify!)

It's ok tho cos i have realised if i don't start putting in the hard work now and being more strict then i might not get the physique i want. If i did start knuckling down now then i could look so much better than the last time i was on stage and that is the goal for me, i am in competition with myself!

This week i've been doing well so far and actually was so excited for the gym yesterday and today, i just uploaded Bikini Prep Ep:3 to my youtube channel, check it out > HERE < if you like, i shared a gym workout and how i plan my workouts so let me know if you do watch :-)

So i had been doing a lot of things to try get my motivation back which included listening to podcasts, something i'm doing more of lately. I have found a few that i do really love and then still have quite a few i've followed but yet to listen too.

So the first one i found through watching a youtube video when i searched 'How to stop binge eating' The podcast is called Project Life Mastery with Stefan James. He also has a motivating type voice and makes you wanna change your life for the better. Another podcast is called Motivate Yourself with Richard Nicholls. Another one to make you motivated and to wanna live an amazing and successful life. The last one is called How To Start Living Show (formerly How To Quit Working) and as you can tell from the title, it's another great one for the same reasons. I like to listen to these in the morning before my day starts so it sets me off with the right mindset and i can then put my mind into action and have a good day, also as i walk to the gym is a great time to listen. One time i wouldn't recommend tho is right before bed, I'm guilty of this! I don't know why i did it quite a few times cos all it did was give me a buzz and fill my head with excitement and ideas and i couldn't do anything but TRY and go to sleep, which was then hard to do!

Let me know if you listen to the podcasts i shared and if you have any you think are great for like minded things then let me know cos I'm on the hunt for more :-)

Thanks for reading and hope to see you again for my next prep post, don't forget to check out my youtube channel for vlog videos. I also love sharing things on Instagram Story, snapchat and my fitness facebook page so if you wanna see more daily updates and photos then go check them out:

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