Friday, 17 March 2017

Bikini Prep Diaries #1 | Intro, Show, Food and Workouts

Dear Diary...

I have decided to give bikini Prep another go. The competition that I was thinking of doing was UKBFF (United Kingdom bodybuilding & fitness federation) in August and then UFM (Ultimate fitness model) in September.


If I don't feel 100% ready tho in August tho I might just do the one in September only. I am doing bikini prep vlogs following my journey as well, if you would like to follow along then check the videos out at LifeWithCarlyC I new I'd wanna compete again at some point this year but new it wouldn't till be the end of the year. I've only ever prepped for a show in April so started straight after Christmas so this is gonna be a new experience being on prep during summer :) I have started to think about this quite early, it won't even be 20 weeks out from the August show until 9th of April. I did wanna start making small changes now tho so I can slowly make progress.


I'm not being very strict at all right now but the majority of my weeks are based around calorie intake and macros on fitness pal. If I go over a bit tho or have some extra chocolate, which I have 👌🏞I won't feel bad!☺ I also just want to keep up with the gym at least 4 times a week doing weights and at least add some form of cardio during my week too. Just as I have started this tho I have now caught a cold, typical...but I guess it's kinda a good thing to get it out my system now before I really want to put effort in and focus.  Anyway just thought I'd log in to share my update. I'm looking forward to sharing more of these posts with you so I hope you will enjoy reading them :)

 Signing out, Carly ✌🏞


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