Monday, 20 March 2017

Afternoon Tea at Langshott Manor Hotel

Me and my friend went for Afternoon Tea today, it was really lovely catching up with her
We had the whole afternoon from 1-5pm. It was a nice hotel with a pretty garden to look out on, which it would look really lovely if the sun was out but today was quite windy and raining for the most of it. I did include some of today in my vlog on youtube at > lifewithcarlyc. < I will upload that vlog in the next few days so go subscribe if you like :-)

I had never been for an afternoon tea before but i really enjoyed it and i do love a scone with jam and cream. My friends opinion was that this one wasn't as good as some others she had been to before. For me, i didn't have any to compare to so i thought it was alright but then i wouldn't rate it really high. We first got to choose the tea we wanted from the menu and we both went for English breakfast tea. After about an hour they then brought out some sandwiches, scones and nibbles for us. So we got 4 slices of sandwich each, can't remember the exact filling but one was with egg, one chicken, they had salmon and other one was with cucumber. If i am being honest the bread was bit dry, i think they make the food in the morning so by time you get it it's not as fresh. We had one scone each with one little pot of jam and cream to share and then a few little nibbles on top where a few of them i wasn't too keen on?

So the price for deluxe afternoon tea was £21 per person. We only wanted tea so we didn't need to pay extra for other option which was exactly the same but just has champagne included which was £30 per person. They did add a £5.25 service charge too which i wasn't expecting and when your not rolling in money that service charge is kinda annoying,lol. My friend is getting married beginning of June tho and i wanted to treat her so i did pay for the whole lot :-) The service there was good, nothing that stood out to me but nothing bad either, they asked quite a few times if everything was ok. It was a quiet setting without music and we were one of the first to arrive and it didn't really get very busy. If it was on the weekend i guess it would be busier and plus the prices are actually a bit more if you book on the weekend.

I really did enjoy today tho and wanna try more places now for afternoon teas, it's definitely something nice to do for a day out :-) I hope you liked this post today, i just got excited to share this as i don't get out much so when i do I'm like omg...BLOG POST! lol

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