Friday, 10 February 2017


Hey everyone, hope your all having a great snowy Friday? :-) It's been snowing a bit in West Sussex today, actually how perfect is that for valentines weekend? So romantic :-)
So as it's almost Valentines day and i haven't got any thing more important to do, e.g, don't have a boyfriend lol i thought may as well do a blog post :-)

I googled for a valentines tag but then decided to change up some questions and add a few in of my own to make it specific to being single :-D
I also tag you to do this post so let me know if you do it cos id love to have a read :-)

1. How long have you been single for?

I've been single for a year and 4 months now.

2. Box of Roses or chocolate covered strawberries?

I do LOVE dipping fruit in melted chocolate so definitely have to choose the strawberries.
As i was searching through old instagram photos to add with this post i found this perfect picture i took when i had a strawberry shaped like a heart :-)

3. What is your favourite Valentines Day Memory?

I would say when i spent it with my most recent boyfriend. He took me to a really nice boutique hotel which had an amazing four poster bed and a cosy little room with open fire where we enjoyed jam and cream scones. We also went out to a lovely restaurant for a meal and my ex had bought me a pandora charm for my bracelet. We just had such a lovely time and i'll never forget it. I did vlog the whole weekend on my vlog channel, i'd love you to check it out, just Click Here This is one reason i love to vlog so much, means i get to keep amazing memories like this. Just when i was looking back on my to find photos i also saw the valentines day we spent before that which was also a lovely one when we stayed in a hotel, went out for a meal and that was when my ex bought me my pandora bracelet which was amazing!

4. Favourite Valentines Day movie?

Hmmm, i don't have a specific film i watch on valentines day but if i had to pick something romantic from the top of my head...ok, suddenly a few just popped into my mind :-) I absolutely LOVE The Notebook, Dear John and The Best Of Me. These are quite soppy romantics that would bring me to a tear or two but other then them i mainly like comedy romance. Oh...also i loved Safe p.s i love you is a lovely one too! Ok i've mentioned quite a few now and the question is only asking for one! After writing this post i think i will stick one of these films on, I'm in the mood now! :-)

5. Which celeb would you have as your valentine?


6. Red or Pink lips?

I do like red but i would say i always go for pink cos i feel like it suits me a bit more.

7. Homemade or store bought gifts?

Most definitely home made, its so much more thoughtful and them type of gifts mean so much to me.

8. How will you be spending this valentines day?

In the morning i'll be going to the gym then come home to get ready for a late shift at work. Might paint my nails pink and wear some pink lippy to celebrate the day,lol I don't care at all that i'm single, i am so happy as i am right now. I have big goals in life that are more important than trying to find a boyfriend! What are you doing this valentines day?

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