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Healthy Food Hacks You Must Try | Create a Healthier You

Living a healthier life is what a lot of people strive for these days but most people seem to think they need to do drastic changes or go to the extreme to get results. In fact all it takes is some small changes in your diet and your way of thinking that can give you the best results and the most sustainable. Quick fixes and fad diets will not last, they are not a lifestyle and as soon as you loose the weight, you will soon enough put it all back on and maybe more?
You need to take small steps into changing your lifestyle for the better, eating healthier and being a overall fitter person. Slow progress is key to keeping on track and you can't expect to see immediate results but just know that within time you will look back and see how far you have actually come.
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Here are some Healthy Hacks, little things you can change in your life to create a healthier you. These are all food tips so if you enjoyed this, maybe i will do another post on the fitness side of things? Let me know in the comments :-)


This is an important meal to have, it fuels you up and gets you ready for the day. It gives you the energy and nutrients you need to get your body working. It will keep you full too so will stop them mid morning cravings. If you are someone who rushes in the morning then think about a quick grab and go healthy option. Make your breakfast the night before, overnight oats, smoothies or chia puddings are great options for this.


Getting your food pre made the day before will help you stay on track. If you don't prepare your meals the night before it is more likely you will opt for something unhealthy the next day or you might be in a rush and so you don't have time to make anything so that leads to falling of the healthy track again. It puts your mind at ease knowing food is prepared too, if you know you are going to be busy it's definitely a must to prepare your meals. You can also portion certain foods out and put into the freezer for when you need it such as chicken, fish, wraps, bagels, etc Another thing i like to do is make a big batch of certain meals, put it into tupperware and into the freezer for when i want it, then all i need to do is defrost it the night before. I like to do this with chilli or soup mainly.


A lot of people tend to over eat what they actually need. One mistake people make is putting food onto a larger plate which means we are eating more than we actually need. If you switch your bowl sizes for smaller ones then our brain will automatically think we have more food because its on a smaller plate but will help us to not over eat. Fitness pal is a great to track food and see how much your are actually eating in a day and how many macros are included in each food, etc Maybe start halving your food intake if you know it's too much, instead or two jacket potatoes just have one, instead of pouring un-measurable amounts of pasta into the bowl, only grab out a handful, etc. Just be aware of the portion sizes that you eat. Also never allow yourself to starve, eat about every 2-3 hours or when hungry.


Try and swap the unhealthy food items for a better alternative. These small changes will have a huge effect down the line, not only for the way you look but for the inside of your body too. Try swapping dairy milk chocolate for dark chocolate, or white bread for wholegrain brown bread, sugary granola mixes for your own home made granola or a bag of crisps for things like snack a jacks or popcorn, there are a lot of healthier versions to crisps out there but that give you the same satisfaction. Basically anything that's high in sugar or salt, swap it for one that is less. Always check the ingredients on labels and see which one is better for you.


Don't think you have to cut out any certain foods from your diets, this will only make you want it more and you won't last and then probably end up binging. Being healthy doesn't mean never eating pizza or chocolate again, like i mentioned above...try and find better options out there but if you do want to indulge sometimes, that is ok...just make sure everything is in moderation...that is the key. Here is a food pie chart of the amount of food, protein, fats and carbs that is recommend for the average person.

There are loads more things you can change to improve such a drink more water, get in your 5 a day, including more vegetables in your meals to ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need, never go food shopping on an empty stomach and if you feel hungry always have a glass of water first or have an apple, if you don't want the apple then you are not really hungry so try and listen to your body more.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you have more tips to add in the comments :-)

Have a great healthy week!
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