Sunday, 26 February 2017

Reasons you should be doing CARDIO Exercise? 14 Different Benefits

Hello everyone,

I was looking over my fitness course revision the other day as just did my last two exams yesterday and it reminded me how much doing cardio exercise is important. So i am now making it my mission to include more cardio from now on cos i definitely haven't been doing enough. I did go to the gym today tho which is then what inspired me to write this post.

Just lately i also started a 'Fit For Summer' vlog series on my youtube channel and wanted to share it in my vlogs as i thought it would be a fun and motivating series to watch. Is anyone already watching the vlogs? let me know :-) If you wanna check them out then click here.

So i wanted to share the important reasons for doing cardio and how it can benefit your body so i hope you find it helpful :-)

1. Increases happy endorphins

2. Improvements to every day activities such as walking, climbing the stairs or shopping.

3. Decreased risks of cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

4. Reduces high blood pressure.

5. Keeps bones strong

6. Builds muscle mass

7. Reduces body fat

8. The walls of the arteries increase in elasticity helping the blood flow to run more smoothly.

9. The volume of blood increases which increases the amount of oxygen carried through the body.

10. Increased amount of red blood cells are produced which means more oxygen can be delivered to the cells.  This will mean you can exercise at higher intensities for longer durations.

11. Long term exercise increases the amount of haemoglobin which is a protein found in red blood cells. This transports oxygen to the cells of the body.

12. The lung capacity will expand allowing more oxygen to enter. An average person's lung volume can show improvements of 10-15% through regular cardio exercise.

13. More capillaries are created which means more places for nutrients to enter cells. More capillaries in the alveoli in the lungs allows them to function more efficiently for longer.

14. Regular exercise will increase the number and size of mitochondria which will give you more energy during exercise and the faster and longer you can run, cycle or swim.

Thanks for reading, i hope this has now made you want to add more cardio exercise into your daily routines? :-)
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