Thursday, 12 January 2017

Top Health & Fitness Girls for Motivation/Inspiration

Helloo everyone, how you all doing? I'm feeling stuffed myself, I have just demolished a Dominoes Pizza! Hopefully now sharing this post will get me motivated to get back on track tomorrow! :-D

I did a post just like this just over a year ago and I was surprised at how many views it got, 1006 in total when I just checked!!! If you wanna have a read then click here. 

When I looked back at the old post, all of the people I now look and who inspire me have all changed so I thought it would be great to share more motivation. Most of these girls are quite known in the social media world so you might already know some, hopefully theres a few knew ones for you to follow tho?


This girl is amazing, not only does she have a really cool name ;-) ...if you didn't know my name is Carly too! She is a personal trainer and has a youtube and blog. She is so down to earth and lovely to watch, she is so helpful through her content and if you don't know who Carly is then you need to check her out...Click here.


Another youtuber and blogger, oh and personal trainer. She also has her own book called Strong and I love her cos again she is so down to earth and is totally herself on camera and makes me laugh. I've watched her youtube channel grow and she's done so amazing with her career, she's so hardworking, go check her out...Click here.


Alice isn't on youtube but does snapchat and IG stories which I like to watch, she also has two recipe books. I just bought her second book called Eat Well Everyday so I can't wait for that to arrive, i'm hoping it will turn up tomorrow :-) She's always smiling so if you want to lift your mood a little she will surely do that for you. Annndddd she is also a Personal Trainer! ...Click here to check her out.


Such a lovely girl, she does vlog style videos on youtube and again....she is a personal trainer :-) I started watching Elle because she was on bikini prep and as I've done that before I loved following her journey. She is so helpful and interactive with her followers and like all these girls, very hardworking with what she here to check Elle out.


Sarah lives in Australia and I love watching her on youtube. I only just recently discovered her but been binge watching her videos. She really inspires me to want to live a healthier life and Australian accent is one of my favourite. Check her out...Click here.

These are probably my top 5 right now BUT there are plenty more I love watching on youtube or stalking on Instagram ;-) so I will leave there names below and you can click on the names to be taken straight to the person.

Tally Rye
Nikki Blackketter
Jazmine Garcia
Heidi Somers
Whitney Simmons

Is there anyone i've missed who you think I should check out? Please let me know in the comments cos i'm always looking for new inspiration! :-)



  1. ohfitness shes currently on bikini prep but does a few youtube videos but her instagram is fab plus shes a personal trainer


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