Friday, 6 January 2017

Quick and Easy Meal Idea | Lunch or Dinner

Recently i've been making this quick and easy meal for my dinner and it tastes so good I just had to share it! It's so simple to do so won't take much explaining. What makes this so special is adding the raisins cos it gives it such a sweet taste :-)

Basically I fried off some chicken in coconut oil. I boiled some medium egg noodles and peas and once it was all done I added into the pan with the chicken. Then I added some Korma sauce (2 tbsp) to be exact, some raisins and some pine nuts for an added crunch. 

This would also be really good if you used prawns, i'm not sure if korma sauce would be the best match with them but adding any sort of sauce from a jar is so easy and you can choose any flavour you like. A healthier option of noodles would be soba noodles but i've only found them in Tesco before and I don't live so close to that supermarket so rarely go there to shop. 

Let me know if you make this and what you thought? I wish I could've made it again tonight but I ran out of sauce so need to get some more :-)

Happy Friday :-)



  1. This looks so yummy :) I would love to try this :)

  2. :-) you should, its so quick to do as well x


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