Friday, 20 January 2017

BCAA's - Everything you need to know

If your quite new to the fitness industry you may be wondering what BCAA's are and if you need to use them?
I thought I would put this post together to give you more information so I hope you find it interesting :-)

What are BCCAA's and what do they do?

BCAA stands for Branched-Chain Amino Acids, they are building blocks of the body and make the basic structure of protein. The body needs protein to repair and maintain itself and every cell in the body contains protein. Bcaa's contain essential amino acids which can't be made from the body but you can get what you need from just eating a healthy balanced diet.

Do I need to take BCAA's and When shall I take them?

I wouldn't say it is essential. A nutritionally balanced diet provides the body with enough protein, so healthy people rarely need protein supplements. The amount of essential amino acids are generally higher in animal based proteins and found in foods such as eggs, meat and dairy. You can also find it in plant foods such as buckwheat or quinoa.

They can be taken before, during or after a workout. They are generally suitable for people with an active life or who are taking part in intense training. During exercise it can be more difficult to maintain the level of amino acids from food alone, bcaa's act as a supplement for this.

Why BCCA's are good, Why I like them?

I personally like using bcaa's in powder form as it makes my water taste nice. It can help decrease the loss of other amino acids from muscles during exercise, helps speed recovery and reduce muscle tiredness. I take the powder form of bcaa's and currently use Berry Blast flavour which i've had before and I really like it. I get mine from myprotein.comyou can click here for the exact ones I have. I also tried Apple Sour flavour from there but I would't recommend that one, it wasn't what I was expecting and to me was just horrible!

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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Easy Tips To Be a Happier and Better Person | Motivation

Today I thought I'd share ways you can create a happier mindset. It can sometimes be hard to control thoughts and especially the bad ones that try to over ride the good. Our mind can lead us to all sorts of bad situations with stress, panic, anger and over thinking. There are some things you can do though to create a happier you. 

(source - pinterest)
(source - pinerest)
Drink lots of water. If you don't drink enough then it's going to effect your mood, stress levels, memory, sleep and give you headaches, etc. Every function in the body needs water to work properly including the activities of the brain and the nervous system. More water will then enable you to think faster and be more focused.

Eat more good foods. There are certain foods that can help with the functioning of the brain, a few of these foods include Walnuts, Salmon, Avocado, Spinach, Dark Chocolate etc. Other than this, you do have to maintain a generally healthy diet including more fruit and vegetables if you want to get the most benefits.

Exercise. Be more active on a daily basis, exercise doesn't generally mean having to go to a gym. There are so many ways you can keep active and this will also help improve the memory and thinking skills.

Mediatate. If you take out some time from your day to have a few moments to yourself, it's a great way to help you connect with your inner self and balance the body and mind. You could even try a yoga class.

You can also train your brain to think differently...
  • Think Positive
  • Smile and laugh more
  • Give more compliments
  • Relax more
  • Don't worry over little things
  • Learn from the past, Live in the present, Believe in the future

Hopefully after reading this post it's left you feeling more motivated, inspired, happy?? If you know anyone who's in need of some happy motivation then share this with your friends. Try some of these things yourself and tell me if you notice any change? Let's make 2017 a happy and positive one :-)

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Top Health & Fitness Girls for Motivation/Inspiration

Helloo everyone, how you all doing? I'm feeling stuffed myself, I have just demolished a Dominoes Pizza! Hopefully now sharing this post will get me motivated to get back on track tomorrow! :-D

I did a post just like this just over a year ago and I was surprised at how many views it got, 1006 in total when I just checked!!! If you wanna have a read then click here. 

When I looked back at the old post, all of the people I now look and who inspire me have all changed so I thought it would be great to share more motivation. Most of these girls are quite known in the social media world so you might already know some, hopefully theres a few knew ones for you to follow tho?


This girl is amazing, not only does she have a really cool name ;-) ...if you didn't know my name is Carly too! She is a personal trainer and has a youtube and blog. She is so down to earth and lovely to watch, she is so helpful through her content and if you don't know who Carly is then you need to check her out...Click here.


Another youtuber and blogger, oh and personal trainer. She also has her own book called Strong and I love her cos again she is so down to earth and is totally herself on camera and makes me laugh. I've watched her youtube channel grow and she's done so amazing with her career, she's so hardworking, go check her out...Click here.


Alice isn't on youtube but does snapchat and IG stories which I like to watch, she also has two recipe books. I just bought her second book called Eat Well Everyday so I can't wait for that to arrive, i'm hoping it will turn up tomorrow :-) She's always smiling so if you want to lift your mood a little she will surely do that for you. Annndddd she is also a Personal Trainer! ...Click here to check her out.


Such a lovely girl, she does vlog style videos on youtube and again....she is a personal trainer :-) I started watching Elle because she was on bikini prep and as I've done that before I loved following her journey. She is so helpful and interactive with her followers and like all these girls, very hardworking with what she here to check Elle out.


Sarah lives in Australia and I love watching her on youtube. I only just recently discovered her but been binge watching her videos. She really inspires me to want to live a healthier life and Australian accent is one of my favourite. Check her out...Click here.

These are probably my top 5 right now BUT there are plenty more I love watching on youtube or stalking on Instagram ;-) so I will leave there names below and you can click on the names to be taken straight to the person.

Tally Rye
Nikki Blackketter
Jazmine Garcia
Heidi Somers
Whitney Simmons

Is there anyone i've missed who you think I should check out? Please let me know in the comments cos i'm always looking for new inspiration! :-)


Monday, 9 January 2017

BEST way to clean Make Up Brushes | Lottie London Soap Star

Hello hello! I am very excited to share this post today because it's something new to me that i'm now in love with.
Soap Star from Lottie London is a make up brush cleanser, it's amazing and so quick and easy.

I was really lucky to be sent this product from an app that I joined called Undecided (which I love) They work with some beauty brands including Lottie London. When I uploaded the question on the app to which product I should use first I got a massive voting on this brush cleanser! I didn't even think it was gonna be that great but I was amazed at how much I love it now. I am actually excited to clean my brushes again and will finally keep up with cleaning them, like you should! :-)

To use it you just wet the brush, circle it around on the soap bar so it foams up and then rinse it off. Once you have done all your brushes you just rinse the soap bar and pot and let it air dry, then it's good to go for the next time :-) Below is a quick video of how it works...

Have you tried this product before? What did you think? You can click here if you wanna see more or to buy the product :-)


Friday, 6 January 2017

Quick and Easy Meal Idea | Lunch or Dinner

Recently i've been making this quick and easy meal for my dinner and it tastes so good I just had to share it! It's so simple to do so won't take much explaining. What makes this so special is adding the raisins cos it gives it such a sweet taste :-)

Basically I fried off some chicken in coconut oil. I boiled some medium egg noodles and peas and once it was all done I added into the pan with the chicken. Then I added some Korma sauce (2 tbsp) to be exact, some raisins and some pine nuts for an added crunch. 

This would also be really good if you used prawns, i'm not sure if korma sauce would be the best match with them but adding any sort of sauce from a jar is so easy and you can choose any flavour you like. A healthier option of noodles would be soba noodles but i've only found them in Tesco before and I don't live so close to that supermarket so rarely go there to shop. 

Let me know if you make this and what you thought? I wish I could've made it again tonight but I ran out of sauce so need to get some more :-)

Happy Friday :-)


Monday, 2 January 2017

Kick Start your 2017 with these 5 MOTIVATION TIPS

Happy New Year everyone, hope you've all had a good one and enjoying the year so far.

Starting a new year can feel exciting but then scary at the same time. You go into a new year usually planning your goals and always hoping for a better year or a better you? That can then feel quite pressurising and you could end up feeling more stressed. Maybe your first few days haven't planned out as well as you hoped or you might have had a crappy day at work?
You don't know what is to come so it's hard to know if things are gonna go the way you plan so it can feel a little overwhelming, depending also how many goals you have set yourself? lol

Catch up on my previous post - NEW YEARS GOALS

For me I thought I was gonna start the new year SO motivated and productive but i've proved myself wrong there....I was meant to get back in that gym...I was actually meant to be there the day after Boxing day but still yet to go, oops! I also started feeling a bit crap today, I started reflecting on my life thinking what I haven't achieved and so that started to put a lot of pressure on my mind, thinking how each year is passing by and what is my life? lol It's ok tho cos I joined in with a Twitter chat earlier (#beechat) and it uplifted my mood and what inspired me to write this post :-) So enough of the chit chat, I wanted to share with you some of my top tips to help you (and me) get motivated. Feel free to comment below anymore you feel are great share! :-)

1. Follow Motivating People on social media and mute the people that maybe always posting cakes, if your trying be healthier? You wanna be logging into your accounts and seeing people going to the gym, reaching their goals and living their life to help inspire you to wanna do the same! I find that helps me loads as it makes you see how other people are out their doing it and makes you realise that you could be too.

2. Smile more  and try to keep a positive mindset. If you force yourself to smile, even in crappy situations then it will mentally help you stay in a happier place, i'm talking about general day to day life stuff that just gets on our nerves. Don't let things effect your mood for no longer than 10 seconds, have your rant and move on,lol Smiling can also effect other people, if they are in a bad mood then seeing you smile will naturally lift their mood too.
(google images)
3. Plan your goals. If you have big goals for 2017 then write them down. The best thing to do is break your goal down into medium sized chunks. Then break the medium goals down again into smaller ones, this will make it more achievable for you to get to where you wanna be. (I could do a separate blog post on this maybe?) Set yourself a time scale too, plan your medium goals into monthly challenges and your smaller ones into weekly ones.

4. Surround yourself with positive people. Try and avoid people that bring your mood down or take you away from believing that you can reach your dreams! You need to keep focused and be around people that are happy to support you and motivate you. It's easy for peoples moods to rub off on you like I previously mentioned with the smiling so if your gonna be around happy positive people then you are gonna feel the same. Like when I came away from that twitter chat, we were all talking about our goals and the new year and everyone was so uplifting and friendly it made me feel really good. But at work it can be harder as you can't take yourself away from situations so even I have to really TRY, I need to let it go over my head and prevent myself thinking about a situation if it starts to effect me, I need to switch on the happy me again! :-)
(google images)
5. Love Yourself! Eating good foods make you feel good right? Get the vitamins and minerals you need in your day and you feel amazing for it. Exercise realises good endorphins and who doesn't feel better after a workout? No wonder my mood hasn't been great and i've been in this cycle of laziness since christmas because of the crap food i've been eating and lack of gym! Even treating yourself to some beauty treatments, lush baths or even meditation will help with your mood.

So I think i'll leave it there for the tips, they are the top 5 I thought of as I wrote this post. I'm sure i've missed out a lot of good ones tho so please share more in the comments! :-) Have a great week and if you are a slow starter at getting on it this year like me then don't wait for a new week to start, JUST START NOW! :-)
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