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Friday, 23 June 2017

Best Summer Nail Colours for 2017 | My Top Picks

I love painting my nails and get excited when it comes to choosing new colours. I decided to go through my collection and share my top picks for summer. Every polish i share will also be linked under the photos. This is quite a photo based post but hope you enjoy :-)

Rimmel (Rita Ora) in colour Go Wild-er-nes (2 coats) - Click here

Rimmel (Rita Ora) in colour Peachella (2 coats) - Click here

Topshop Nails in colour Bright Green (2 coats) - Click here

Models Own Hedkandi in colour a Neon Coral (1 coat) I couldn't find exact one as i did buy it ages ago but found this one very similar - Click here

Models Own in the colour Sun Hat (2 coats) - Click here

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in colour Pomegranate (1 coat) - Click here

Number 17 Lasting Fix in colour Orange (2 coats) | I was unable to find this one anywhere as i had bought it ages ago! :/

(1 coat for both) These both had a base of glitter in them as you can see in the neon orange but not in the neon pink because i've had these for yeeeaaarrss! lol i have no idea how they haven't dried up already :-D
If you want to see more on this brand you can Click here


Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Summer Holiday Shopping Made Easy | June 2017

So i started to browse different fashion websites today as i'm going on holiday tomorrow! (ahhh!) :-D Can't wait! All tho it's too late to order anything now i just like getting excited by looking at all the fashion and to get some inspiration. I still haven't packed yet which i have to do later after work so i still need to plan my outfits! I'm such a last minute type of person...i wish i wasn't but it always seems to  happen that way!
So i saw so many nice outfits that it prompted me to do this blog post, instead of bombarding my twitter with individual posts of them all it's easier to put them all together on my blog. I ended up getting carried away with adding so much stuff below, i even added a few beauty products i saw which i love.

I guess this could help if your going on holiday or just want a new summer wardrobe. Hopefully it will give you inspiration and if you have the same style as me it saves you time browsing about and make your online shopping a whole lot easier.
You can just click on the item you like and it will take you straight to the page to see more info :-) Click the arrow on the right of the products to scroll through more...
(Everything will be a mix of budget and luxury)


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Preparing For a New Journey ~ Travelling The Seas

I'm off on Holiday next week!!! woooopp!

I haven't been on a holiday since i was with my ex boyfriend, about 2 years ago when we went to Tunisia. You can check out my Travel posts from that and few other holidays i've been on HERE. The photo's I'm sharing in this post are from those holidays, i love looking back at them :-)

So anyway i am off next Wednesday (14th June) for a festival cruise with Shipsomnia and coming back on Sunday (18th). I've never been on a cruise before so I'm really excited. My grandparents have been on loads so i was asking them for any tips they had just the other day.

I am also travelling alone, i asked a few of my friends but it was quite short notice and one of my friends is actually on her honeymoon right now, she was the girl who just got married...if you saw my previous blog post HERE. I didn't know who else to invite and couldn't think of who would be into the partying side of this cruise so why not just go alone?! I'm the type of person who likes to take risks and try and make the most of life so can't rely on other people to do the things you love. Anyway i won't be alone...i'll have you guys, aka...my vlogging camera,lol

I have to catch a flight to Barcelona and then i booked a shared car/shuttle to take me to the cruise port. We will be sailing with Royal Carribean, Brilliance of the seas, going up to Ibiza and attending the Zoo Project party which OMG...I'm SO excited for!!! and then we then travel up to Sete, France and back to Barcelona. I won't go into everything that's happening in the trip cos i will share a blog post when i get back with loads of cool photos so make sure your following my blog so you don't miss it. You can follow with Bloglovin HERE if you like. I'm also gonna vlog it all and maybe film a few extra video's whilst I'm out there for my youtube channel so go subscribe HERE. :-)

I hope your excited to follow my journey up to and on this holiday, I'm so excited to share it all.
I've been trying to get fit quickly as this holiday was quite last minute, i only decided on this mid May? I had been meaning to get fit anyway but this holiday just gave me more of a push cos i wasn't doing very well tbh lol I am seeing a bit of a change now, I'm feeling a lot more confident...even tho theres not a huge difference i definitely feel much better and still got one more week for a final boost!

You can also follow me on other social media for daily updates. I will be posting pics to my Instagram, Instagram story, Snapchat and Twitter :-)

Instagram: @CarlyCx
Snapchat: LifeWithCarlyC
Twitter: @Carlyccxx


Saturday, 3 June 2017

Summer Wedding ~ My Best Friend Got Married

Yesterday i attended my best friends wedding, we have known each other since school and always stayed really good mates, i was so proud to be there on her special day. She held her wedding at Nutfield Priory Hotel & Spa which was so lovely, if your from the Surrey area you may know it?

I only took photos on my phone so not the best quality and i was uploading to Snapchat (lifewithcarlyc) through the day and on Instagram stories (carlycx). It definitely did run my battery down and i forgot my charger...luckily it got down to 4% once i got home so just about kept it alive!

They were handing out free drinks so i certainly made the most of it, i had 4 of these orange juices with champagne mixed in. Then for the meals i had another glass of champagne on the table and through the meal had two glasses of white wine poured. I don't usually drink and don't care for it much...until i have one, then i get excited to keep going lol I did a few more glasses of wine as the night continued and yes i did wake up with a horrible hangover!

Best Selfie mirror!

I stayed right until the end of the night, had a good dance with everyone and if you wanna see some video clips of the night you should go see my snapchat and Instagram cos the videos will still be there :-) I actually filmed my outfit i wore and just uploaded it to my youtube channel so check it out HERE if you wanna know where it's all from, i also shared a few extra things i used to get ready.

So i got a taxi to the place and went alone. For coming back...i had just called to book a taxi but then got offered a lift so called the taxi back to cancel. I said sorry, i was polite to them!!! but the guy just had a go at me and made me feel really bad and as i went to say something back he hung up on me mid sentence! I was fuming about that, why are some taxi drivers so rude! God!
Anyywaayyy...i did wanna film a 'What's in my bag' video when i got back but got home about midnight and i was quite drunk so went straight to bed. I did tho...once my hangover wore off a bit...filmed that video today so i will upload that soon which i can't wait to share.

I wasn't planning on writing this post but i just had this urge and wanted to share it ...so i think i've said everything i wanted lol Hopefully you enjoyed reading this post.
Don't forgot to follow my other social media to keep up updated with things i get up to and new video or blog post updates :-)

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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Monthly May Favourites 2017

It's been a long time since i've shared any favourites so thought it was about time. Theres been quite a few things i've loved using lately so i've been very excited to share them with you.

First is my lovely notebook, i got this for my birthday which my Mum said she bought from Tk Maxx. I did find a similar one HERE. It's actually one from Kate Spade which i think look really good, seen a few girls using her diaries now and i really want one when i've filled up my others :-)

I've been using some body sprays from So..? Fragrance for a few months now but started using them a lot more heading into spring. They all smell so gorgeous and summery so are perfect for the warmer weather. They also last really well on the skin, i did a blog post on these which you can check out HERE. 

There a few things i recently bought from Primark which i love. One is the Mascara for £2, which i think is such a good price for a mascara and has surprised me cos it actually works pretty well. Next is a lip crayon in a pinky rose shade but is actually called Nude Beach. I also got a matte eyeshadow palette and in particular i really love using the top middle rose colour, the colours are really pigmented and this colour is just so pretty, also goes really well with the lip crayon. If you wanna check out my blog post on Testing out Primark makeup to see more of what i got and how it all came out in a makeup look i did, CLICK HERE.

Redken do a hair product called Pillow Proof which is amazing. You basically apply some product to wet hair, blow dry as normal and it actually speeds up the blow drying process. My hair is getting long now and also been dyed blonde so it takes a while drying it. When i found out about this stuff i loved it and really noticed it working. Check it out HERE.

Oh i forgot to also mention a dry shampoo from Primark. I found it by the till point and needed some so got it for £2 and i really loved it. It smelt amazing and did the job really well, i also did a blog post on this with before and after pics so if you missed that you can catch up HERE.

Theres a silicone makeup applicator i've been loving because it applies your makeup really nicely and doesn't soak up any foundation which means your foundation lasts longer, see it HERE. It's so much better compared to a makeup brush i was using from Primark which soaked up the product really fast!
Then i've also been loving this contour makeup brush from Blank Canvas Cosmetics. I've not had a contour brush before (i don't think?) and both these applicators are bright pink which i love, thinking about it...quite a lot i'm sharing in this post has some pink going on!

Lastly there's a few nail varnishes i've been using a lot lately. I have quite a large collection of polishes and these 4 are the ones i've been reaching for the most. I will be sharing my Top Summer Nail Polishes in a blog post coming soon, it could even be the next one i do? :-) But anyway the first polish i love is from Models Own and in the colour Hedkandi. It is quite old but CLICK HERE to see all their polishes, they do amazing colours...i feel a bit behind with my range when i see all the new ones!
The next is from Rimmel (Rita Ora) and is in the colour Peachella, see that HERE.
Then i have one from Primark which is in that gorgeous natural rose colour, SEE HERE for all Primark Beauty. The last polish is a really old one, i'm surprised it still works and not dried up! I have 3 of these, one in green and also on in orange. They are actually glitter based and all neon which i love. I am quite open to colours so even tho i love neutral shades i also love a pop of bright colour, especially in the summer and if I'm on holiday :-) These are from Colour Club, see more HERE.

Ohhhh i almost forgot to mention the makeup remover/cleanser i've been loving. The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water has been great and been using for a while now. It doesn't harm my eyes and removes my makeup easily. I think this is a favourite for a lot of girls actually, is it yours? What are your favourite things this month? Let me know in the comments :-)



Saturday, 27 May 2017

What's In My Gym Bag - Summer Edition

I thought i would do a What's in my Gym Bag, Summer Edition :-)

I've been using my Puma gym bag which has been my go to bag lately, i got mine from Sports Direct.
For my outfit i have this gorgeous tank top in a bright pink colour which i love, great colour for summer, i think i got it from Primark, either there or H&M.

The black sports bra is from the brand USA Pro and i got it from Sports Direct, one of my favourite gym bras i've bought so far. It's thick enough to keep anything from poking through (if you get me) and it holds everything in place. One other thing it has built in pads so when you wash it, they don't move all over the place, that really annoys me with the other ones i have! USA Pro are good, i have leggings from them which are also great.

Shorts are again, from Sports Direct...not actually sure i like the way they look on me but they are the only baggy sports shorts i have, the other ones i have are mega tight...not worn them ones in AGES. Don't think i wanna attempt to try them on now as i know for sure they won't fit! lol

Trainers are a gorgeous summery colour and from George, Asda. They only cost me £8!!! Bargain! I mean they aren't the best fitted to my feet maybe if your running or something, but for just doing a gym session or a class they look good :-)

Next on to the bits and bobs...if you haven't got bored of reading yet that is?! lol
I have a flannel cos to rinse it with cold refreshing water and then wipe your face after a sweaty session feels so good!
I also have some facial wipes to cleanse my face and with wipes its quick and they are easy to just chuck in your bag. It's nice to use these to freshen up your body too and maybe the under arms..then what i forgot to add in my bag was deodorant but that would be great to chuck in.
Also i have hand wipes, just another freshen up option. These are all great obviously if your heading straight out the gym after a session and not staying for a shower. I never actually use the shower in my gym, i just walk straight home and do it there.
And then i have my tangle teezer cos it's the best brush EVER and after a sweaty spin class where your hairs all half hanging out the hair tie, you might just need it?!
Oh and my headband cos i hate when hair gets in my face

The last 3 essentials for me are my shaker with my favourite Berry Blast flavour BCAA's. I love that they give my water flavour and at the same time BCAA's which stands for Branch Chain Amino Acids (btw) are great for giving you more energy through your workout, reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery. I get mine from My Protein > here. They usually have great discounts on their site but if not you can use my discount code CCXX15 at checkout :-)

I always love taking my headphones with me to the gym, especially if i am doing some form of cardio on the gym floor, it can get really boring if you don't have any music to listen to or getting to connect to any of the tv's to watch. I love my white pair from Tk Maxx, can't remember the price but was around £20 i think?

And lastly i have gym gloves, if I'm doing weights which involve my hands getting blisters, like pull ups or deadlifts...these are a must. I got mine for my birthday once so i don't know where they are, they are old anyway and would like to buy new ones soon.

I am now on a 3 weeks mission to get fit as i am in process of booking flights for a mini festival cruise middle of June which i am SO EXCITED for so keep your eyes peeled on all my social media for that cos i will definitely be sharing it all!

SHOP HERE for your Gym Bag Essentials...


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Summer Bag Essentials - What To Pack for Days Out

I am so happy that the sun is beaming hot right now in England and i really hope it lasts.
It's got me inspired to share this post with you, sharing all my must have essentials for if your going out on a summers day.

I have listed things mainly focused on if your going to the beach but trying to cover any other summers day you might have. On my youtube i've actually filmed a Whats in my bag - To the beach video actually sitting on Tunisia beach so check that out by clicking here :-)

If you think i have missed anything then let me know in the comments, it would help everyone out that way as well, i want this post to be as helpful as i can so hope you get some ideas from it :-)

1. Water Bottle

2. Lip Balm

3. Sunglasses

4. Hat

5. Portable Charger

6. Sun Cream

7. Small Deodorant

8. Body Mists/ Body Spray

9. Face Wipes

10. Shine Absorbing Sheets

11. Hair Bands/ Ties/ Grips

12. Compact Mirror

13. Cash

14. Hand Gel

15. Headphones

16. Note Book and Pen

17. Reading Book

18. Plasters

19. Bite Cream

20. Tissues

Let me know in the comments what is your favourite summers day out?


Sunday, 21 May 2017

MUG CAKE - Muscle Moose | Cake in a Mug

Mug cakes are a great and easy snack, theres so many ways to make them but recently i bought this ready made mix from a shop in my town called QSS (Quality sports supplements) This shop sells a random bunch of things in the shop from different brands. They even had Muscle Food pizza which was great cos if i buy from Muscle food website you have to spend over £25 or £30 for delivery and when all i want is the pizza its a bit annoying.

This 500g Mug Cake mix is from the brand Muscle Moose and it was £11.65, i couldn't find this on the shop website for some reason (qualitysportssupplements.co.uk) but you can check out the Mug Cakes and more on Muscle Moose website. The cheapest i actually found online tho you can see for the same price on each of these 3 sites:
Dolphin Fitness | Body Building Warehouse | My Sports Fuel
You can click on either of the sites above and get the stuff for £12.95.

These are gluten free, high protein, golden syrup flavour and you just add water and microwave for 1 minute. I like to add an extra 10 seconds for mine but it depends how you like it?
These mug cakes are really nice and the golden syrup makes them smell amazing and they tasted a lot sweeter than i was expecting when i first tried it.

See my quick video on how this mix actually turns out...

Who else has tried these mug cakes from Muscle Moose? Would anyone like me to share a Make your own recipe?



Tuesday, 16 May 2017

BEST Most Affordable Makeup | Beauty under £5 on a Budget

If you're anything like me then you always wanna find the cheapest things cos we are always on a budget with our money! There are good products out there for crazy cheap prices tho and i'm gonna share a few in this post today. Make sure you follow my blog for more beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Next month, when i get paid :-D i'm gonna go on a bargain hunt for more makeup to share with you so keep an eye out here and on my youtube Channel for that :-)

Today tho as i'm currently skint! I searched for some makeup that i already had in my collection which i would really recommend and that won't break your bank balance :-)

1. Primark Mascara - Lash Contour (3D Curl - Lengthening - Mega Volume)
Click here or the product

I had heard from a few people that +Primark mascaras were really good so had to try it out myself. This was the first one i've tried and it's great. For only £2 i was surprised at how much i liked it. It applies on the lashes really nice, doesn't clump and separates and lengthens them. If you haven't tried Primark mascaras yet...what are you waiting for?! :-)

2. Primark Concealer Crayon (Instant Fix)
Couldn't find this online.

I think this is such a great coverage. Because it is a crayon it tends to stick to the skin really well. This actually put me off at first cos i felt like i couldn't blend it as smoothly but i soon got used to it and realised how it actually is a good coverage. You can sharpen this to get more use of the product and for £2 again....bargain!

3. Rimmel Clear Complexion
Clic here for the product

I've used this for ages, mine has all crumbled up now tho which is why I'm sharing this pic from an older blog post. It doesn't make your face look cakey or thick, it's just perfect for that light finish to set your foundation, get away any shine but still leaving you with a clear complexion.

4. Cream Puff - Collection
Click here for the product

This is one of my favourite lip creams still. I'm at the last of this product right now and need some more. This is a moisturising lip cream and has a velvety finish when you apply it. Perfect summer colour too, i would definitely recommend this is your looking for a good lip cream.

5. MUA Lipstick (Makeup Academy)
Click here for the product

This lipstick is at amazing price of JUST £1!!! And look how gorgeous it comes out on the lips too, for that price i need to get some more. I searched my makeup collection to share cheap products and this was sitting at the back, i forgot i even had it! I feel like buying more from MUA now and doing a haul video on everything cos i could get so much for the amazing cheap prices they have?!

6. Primark Nail Varnish (Gel Effect)
£1.50 > 50p
Couldn't find online.

This nail polish is so good for 50p! Cheapest nail polish i've ever bought! Even £1.50 is cheap enough! Some black nail polishes can go a bit see-through and have a greyish look to them, this one was perfect and only needed one coat! It did chip after 1 day but that didn't bother me too much, i mean i never bother with base or top coats anyway and maybe if i did the polish would stay put better! They had a pink one of these too so might go back and get it, not that i don't have enough in my collection already!

I am on a serious bargain hunt soon so let me know if theres anything i should try out? Is there any makeup or beauty products you think are amazing for a really good price? Lets all share it in the comments, i'd love to know :-)

See the video i posted on these products - Click Here.

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