Friday, 2 December 2016

The Struggle is Real - Prepping over Christmas | Bikini Prep Diaries #4

Hello everyone, so as I am doing my Bikini Prep updates on my blog I thought I would add today's update into my Blogmas series. Tomorrow tho will be a Beauty Gift Guide so I hope your excited for that. Follow my blog here with Bloglovin.

This past week the cravings kick have started to kick in and today has got even worse, to the point where i'm now considering if to compete at all?

I don't know wether its just because December has hit and it's got me thinking about all the yummy food I could be eating. I see it everywhere in the shops when I go to buy my healthy food, TV adverts and even on social media. I even have people telling me I shouldn't be on a diet over Christmas and that I need to enjoy food this month! I didn't actually think this day would come, before Christmas arrived I thought id be fine on prep and i'd be strong enough to get through it...well I proved myself wrong didn't i?!
I think where I have allowed myself to get unmotivated it's led me to think about more reasons why I shouldn't compete and it's almost like I'm convincing myself I shouldn't do it! I have been on this prep for one month now and I am seeing change and feeling a lot more confident, stronger and happier with body. After just talking to my online coach about my doubts tho i'm feeling a bit better and a bit more confident that I will continue. This month may not be 100% or completely strict but as long as I can keep track of what I'm eating, ensuring its clean foods and that I'm training in the gym at least 5 times a week, it will keep me on track and then come next year it will be time to get strict again. I also know in myself that by the new year my motivation will come flooding it does with most people at the start of a new year but I do wanna feel good this time instead of moaning that i've eaten too much and feel fat! lol

I have now decided tho...well most likely...I won't be competing in April for Pure Elite. I was originally traveling with a friend as she was gonna drive and now she isn't doing it anymore, it's actually quite far to travel by train and means i'll have to pay out for more taxis too. I think I am going to compete with a new federation that another friend of mine did recently, its called Ultimate Fitness Model and that one is in London. It will either be that one or maybe UKUP? I also don't want to rush into a competition until i'm totally ready because thats been my problem before, my physique has never quite been good enough to be placed so this time I wanna make sure I am in the right body state to actually have a chance as I would love to walk away having achieved something this time. Least this way even if I do go off track slightly this month I will have more time to get into shape as I know now that I won't be doing Pure Elite, which would have been the 1st of April.

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Sorry this hasn't been the most Christmassy blog post for my Blogmas series BUT I will be back tomorrow and you can always expect a new blog post around 6pm every day :-)

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  1. I love the fact this wasn't a traditional first blogmas post. I tried to do 12 weeks of healthy eating to maintain my weight before Christmas. The chocolate made a come back, but the weight has stayed off. So win win really!

    1. aw lucky! I'm gonna start a Get Fit 2017 youtube series after christmas to get in good shape, i've just stuffed myself with chocolate right now and feel so fat :-( lol


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