Thursday, 1 December 2016


Hello everyone, so i've decided to join in with the Blogmas thing this year. If you don't know what that is, it is where I will be sharing a Festive blog post with you every day of December, up until the 25th. I've done Vlogtober on my youtube channel twice and I really enjoyed that and kept up with it pretty well, i'm even wondering if to do Vlogmas on my channel too but I'm not sure if thats gonna be too much to keep up with?? I do love a challenge tho so knowing me I will probably try and do it all :-D I've actually decided I'm gonna do snapmas on my snapchat, if you wanna follow me its LifeWithCarlyC

So for my first Blogmas post I thought I would share a gift guide for people on a budget buying for people who are really into fitness. Tomorrow's post will be a beauty gift guide so make sure you are following my blog to see that :-) I thought it's best to get gift guides done first as you still have time to then go buy your presents? Hopefully you can take away some ideas from this... (dog not included)


A great item that somebody probably wouldn't be able to guess though the wrapping paper. If you know someone always aching from the gym or who does quite intense workouts then this is a great essential for them to own. This one I got from GymPad, i've also got a smooth one from MyProtein.


Great for the people who are very organised and who like to track progress. This will actually be in a giveaway that I am doing which will be up now so head over to my Instagram @CarlyCx to enter and you can also enter on my Twitter @LifeWithCarlyC But if you just want to buy one then they are also from GymPad.


Now this gift isn't great if you have a dog...which is probably why my dog was so eager to sniff around and got in the photo's! :-) He seemed to think they were for him even tho I didn't get them out the box! I even put them up on a high shelf out he's way and the next day he started smelling in the air to where they how does he know?!!! lol Anyway these were also from GymPad.


These are an essential item for me, always in my gym bag. I always need these on Deadlift days or if I use the Rower or Lat Pull Down etc, these help avoid those horrible hand blisters you can get. So anyone that lifts weights these would be a great buy. I got mine from Maxi Muscle.


If you know someone who is using Fitness pal or doing a Fitness Competition they are more than likely weighing out food to hit their Macros. If they are not already using any then food scales, especially the electronic ones are great, in fact they are essential and not that expensive either. I got mine a while ago from Asda but I have seen nicer ones about now and want to upgrade :-)


I am not really sure what I can say about headphones that's not the obvious! But it's always great to have some music to listen to in the gym so they will make a great gift :-D Wireless headphones would be the best and I really want some myself or the small earphones that hook around your ears are great for people doing cardio and on the move.


This is a gym essential that I take with me to workouts since my Mum brought me back a nice grey one from America which says Shine Bright on it :) I sweat a lot during my workouts so this comes in handy instead of using the gym tissue! The towel my Mum bought me is from a place called Khols in America.


A great item to add to gym workouts. You can also use it at home or take it anywhere so it's really handy to have. I got mine from Sports Direct.


This is great for anyone who doesn't like the taste of plain water because you can add any fruit in the middle part of the bottle and it gives the water natural flavouring. When I first used this I got a lot of people ask me where it was from and they were really intrigued by it so it will definitely be a great present. Someone bought mine for me but I think it was from Amazon, here is one that looks like the one in the photo though if your interested - click here


Another water bottle...this one was a recent purchase for me and I really love it. It holds half a gallon of water (1.7 litres) almost the amount of recommended water intake for a day. It's easy to carry around and I always take this to work with me which makes sure I get in enough water in through my shift. I got mine from MyProtein. < (Click MyProtein to go straight to the water bottle) You can use my codes to get some discount if there isn't any offers on the website, use CCXX15 if your a new customer or CCXX8 if your an existing customer :-)

So these are my Top Ten Fitness Items for a Cheap Gift Guide. If you have any other great items to add then leave them in the comments below :-) I really hope you enjoyed this post and want to stick around for more through December :-D Follow me on Bloglovin too - click here.

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