Sunday, 20 November 2016

Staying on Track & Easy Protein Pancakes | Bikini Prep Diaries #3

Hellooooo :-)

How are you all? As I am competing next year in a fitness show I thought I would blog updates through my journey so if you haven't seen my first two blog posts then you can check them out under the fitness tab across the top of my blog :-)

I'm gonna be honest, this week hasn't been the best for me. I've not been feeling too well so not completed every workout or managed to fit every meal in. I feel like i've gone of track slightly since Thursday but i'm not gonna let it get me down. I will pick myself back up tomorrow and start next week strong!
Sometimes we can't do everything 100% but it's ok, as long as you don't give up and get straight back on it.

My coach had changed my plan up a little this week and now has added a protein pancake. This was great news for me as I was actually craving them so was very happy when I saw it was on my plan.
They are a great post workout meal and so quick and easy to make too.

All I used for mine was 2 eggs, quarter of a banana and half a scoop of protein powder. There are so many flavours of protein powders to choose from you could have something different every time. I get mine from My Protein which I think do great prices, at the moment they are doing up to 40% off which is amazing - 
I then topped this with 1 tbsp of natural yogurt... as I am on prep :-) I now buy this yoghurt instead of the Greek Total 0% one because it's cheaper but still tastes exactly the same!

Have you caught up on my Bikini Vlogs? If not then you can see them here on my second youtube channel -

I also uploaded a Beauty & Fitness Haul a few days ago on my main channel, including some fitness bits that I will include in my first ever giveaway, very will be on my Instagram/Twitter :-)
Here is my youtube channel for the haul video -


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