Saturday, 5 November 2016

Fitness Motivation and Re-Feed (Treat) Meal | Bikini Prep Diaries #2

Hellos everyone, I hope your all having a great start to your weekend? It's actually bonfire night tonight...are any of you seeing a firework display? I'll probably be watching anything from my window if i'm lucky to see some :-)

Today i've woken up in a really great mood and I am so excited about where things are going with me, fitness wise! I am really enjoying my diet and training from my coach, Jo pro Fitness.
I have my re-feed meal today and i'm so excited for it as i'm also off work today so I can enjoy it properly whilst watching Xfactor :-)

On my Instagram this morning a photo popped up on my newsfeed and I did share this to my Facebook Fitness page and on my Instagram too. This was posted by Helen Peebles and also in the photo is Elliot Robinson. I think they both look so amazing that I had to share the photo. #FitnessMotivation

For my diet so far things have been going great, i've not had any bad cravings and even tho it's my re-feed meal tonight i'm not even thinking about having any of the bad meals like I have done in the past. I actually fancy something healthy still so I have decided to go for a Tuna Pasta Bake :-) Then for my next re-feed meal I am going to order a protein pizza from Muscle Food. I've never tried one before but they look great so I am really excited to try one.

I kinda feel like this is a turning point for me, it's been a long time coming on this fitness journey but I like where it's heading. I've shocked myself that I haven't even craved or really thought about chocolate or bad foods for a week now because usually that's all I used to think about and would eat dairy milk chocolate almost every day, sometimes it was every day and I found it hard to get out of the habit. I am writing this post in the morning as I had the urge to let out my thoughts but as I will post this in the evening, here is a picture of the Tuna pasta that I made...How good does that look? :-)

I will be uploading my first Bikini Prep vlog this evening so when your reading this the video may already be up. Be sure to subscribe to see more videos following my journey > Click here for my channel. Also follow my blog too so you don't miss any new posts from me :-) For more Fitness motivation you can follow my on other social media too, Snapchat (LifeWithCarlyC), Twitter or my Pinterest. I have a board where I pin Fitness Motivation and also Girls With Abs along with loads more, so go check it out, Click here.

I hope to see you again soon in my next Bikini Prep post :-) Thanks for reading!

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