Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Winter Beauty Favourites/Essentials

Helloooo everyone, how are we all doing on this frosty night in England? :-)

I filmed a November favourites recently video for my Youtube Channel which is already uploaded but I also wanted to share a blog post on it too. I haven't shared a favourites post in ages so now I have new bits that I really love and want to share them with you.


One I have loved for ages. I had been using the roll on type from Mitchum for a while until it just ran out, then I was straight over to Boots to buy myself the spray version again as I much prefer it.
Since I last bought the spray there seems to be new smells available so I picked up one called pure fresh and it smells so good.


Always love to keep a hand gel in my bag. The blue one is Citrus Blueberry and smells gorgeous. The 3 down the side are from Bath and Bodyworks in America, my mum brought some back for me when she recently visited. They also smell fruity and amazing!


I am so glad I decided to try these twisty hair ties. They make your ponytail have some lift to it instead of falling limp and flat...which I hate! I got a pack of 3 from Boots and i'll insert a video shot from my Nov faves video I filmed today to show you how they can make your hair look :-)


I got sent these a little while back from the company so I could try them out and share with you, see my blog post here if you missed it. I got sent 6 and after all this time I think I have finally decided on my favourites, I still can't pick just one as each smell is so nice it really is hard to choose. I do tend to use the Vanilla milkshake, White petals and Water melon more tho...altho just inserting my picture below I've just seen the White musk...that is another one I usually go know what, I would just buy them all if I was you and have the pick of the bunch each day :-D


I am addicted to this little spray, it's so much better than chewing gum or eating loads of mints which just rot your teeth. I am a little obsessed with having fresh breath on the go..24 7! I get mine from Boots...don't get one from Marks and Spencer's tho, I did once and it tasted like soap! lol


I love two products from the Loreal, Studio Pro range. The Hot & Go which is a spray you use on wet hair and it gets your hair dry in double the time which is great for me cos I find drying my hair really boring! I'm nearly out of it tho so need to get some more soon.
The other one is Hot & Straight so when you blow dry your hair it helps to dry it straight. I always use my brush to help make it extra straight and it always works really well. This way I don't use any straighteners on my hair (except sometimes the end to tame down the fly aways) so by not using straighteners helps keep volume to the hair as well.


As it's getting colder now I feel the need for hand cream a lot more. The one I am using is from Avon and its also got argon oil included. I am now using hand cream as one of my handbag essentials :-)


It removes my makeup nicely and doesn't irritate my eyes. I just really like the Garnier products and they are fairly priced. My ultimate makeup remover would be Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish but that is quite pricey so I like to go for Garnier until i'm rich again! :-D


I love Batiste dry shampoo. I had recently got a different one from the brand Aussie and I didn't like it as much, I didn't feel like it got rid of any greasiness so I was straight back to Batiste which I know does an amazing job. I picked up the tropical smelling one as it seemed to smell the best...basically! 


I've had this a while but just looking back through my makeup collection I found it again. It's a great colour for this festive season and because it has a slight hint of shimmer/glitter in, it just makes it even more great for this season. 

I did include a few extra bits in my video so if you wanna see it or check out more of my videos then click here and don't forget to subscribe whilst your there :-)


Sunday, 20 November 2016

Staying on Track & Easy Protein Pancakes | Bikini Prep Diaries #3

Hellooooo :-)

How are you all? As I am competing next year in a fitness show I thought I would blog updates through my journey so if you haven't seen my first two blog posts then you can check them out under the fitness tab across the top of my blog :-)

I'm gonna be honest, this week hasn't been the best for me. I've not been feeling too well so not completed every workout or managed to fit every meal in. I feel like i've gone of track slightly since Thursday but i'm not gonna let it get me down. I will pick myself back up tomorrow and start next week strong!
Sometimes we can't do everything 100% but it's ok, as long as you don't give up and get straight back on it.

My coach had changed my plan up a little this week and now has added a protein pancake. This was great news for me as I was actually craving them so was very happy when I saw it was on my plan.
They are a great post workout meal and so quick and easy to make too.

All I used for mine was 2 eggs, quarter of a banana and half a scoop of protein powder. There are so many flavours of protein powders to choose from you could have something different every time. I get mine from My Protein which I think do great prices, at the moment they are doing up to 40% off which is amazing - 
I then topped this with 1 tbsp of natural yogurt... as I am on prep :-) I now buy this yoghurt instead of the Greek Total 0% one because it's cheaper but still tastes exactly the same!

Have you caught up on my Bikini Vlogs? If not then you can see them here on my second youtube channel -

I also uploaded a Beauty & Fitness Haul a few days ago on my main channel, including some fitness bits that I will include in my first ever giveaway, very will be on my Instagram/Twitter :-)
Here is my youtube channel for the haul video -


Sunday, 13 November 2016

The Best Festive Outfits for a Christmas Party

Hello everyone, I hope your all well?

So Christmas is quickly approaching and for myself I do think it's still a little early to be getting 'too' excited but I know there's a lot of people who are early birds, maybe some of you even have decorations up already? I know i've seen a few houses about with Christmas lights that yooouuu? :-D

Anyway I thought I would start getting in the Christmas spirit a bit more and start sharing some festive blog posts. Christmas parties are most likely in the planning now, wether that's with family, friends or a work party and we all want that perfect Christmas outfit to show off!

Well I have decided to do all the hard work for you, well that's if you like my style? :-)
I have browsed around and picked out my favourite party outfits which are mainly dresses and put them in this blog post for you to see. If you click on the outfit you like it will take you directly to the web page where you can see a larger image, more information and maybe buy it if you like?

I would love to know what outfits are your fave?
It took me a long time looking through everything and made me kinda sad that I don't have any money right now to buy anything new, i've not been shopping in aggeessss! :-/ but it was still fun looking and I hope you like what I picked out :-)

Be sure to follow my Blog for more posts including lots of festive fun and as I am competing for a fitness show next year, you may know this from previous posts or social media BUT I am also posting Bikini Prep Diaries on here too, you can catch up in the Fitness section in the top bar of my blog and i'm also posting video's to my Youtube Channel. Prepping over Christmas...oh the joy! lol You can also follow my journey on that and more with snapchat: LifeWithCarlyC or my Twitter (LifeWithCarlyC) and Instagram (CarlyCx) :) Hope to see you all again soon!


Saturday, 5 November 2016

Fitness Motivation and Re-Feed (Treat) Meal | Bikini Prep Diaries #2

Hellos everyone, I hope your all having a great start to your weekend? It's actually bonfire night tonight...are any of you seeing a firework display? I'll probably be watching anything from my window if i'm lucky to see some :-)

Today i've woken up in a really great mood and I am so excited about where things are going with me, fitness wise! I am really enjoying my diet and training from my coach, Jo pro Fitness.
I have my re-feed meal today and i'm so excited for it as i'm also off work today so I can enjoy it properly whilst watching Xfactor :-)

On my Instagram this morning a photo popped up on my newsfeed and I did share this to my Facebook Fitness page and on my Instagram too. This was posted by Helen Peebles and also in the photo is Elliot Robinson. I think they both look so amazing that I had to share the photo. #FitnessMotivation

For my diet so far things have been going great, i've not had any bad cravings and even tho it's my re-feed meal tonight i'm not even thinking about having any of the bad meals like I have done in the past. I actually fancy something healthy still so I have decided to go for a Tuna Pasta Bake :-) Then for my next re-feed meal I am going to order a protein pizza from Muscle Food. I've never tried one before but they look great so I am really excited to try one.

I kinda feel like this is a turning point for me, it's been a long time coming on this fitness journey but I like where it's heading. I've shocked myself that I haven't even craved or really thought about chocolate or bad foods for a week now because usually that's all I used to think about and would eat dairy milk chocolate almost every day, sometimes it was every day and I found it hard to get out of the habit. I am writing this post in the morning as I had the urge to let out my thoughts but as I will post this in the evening, here is a picture of the Tuna pasta that I made...How good does that look? :-)

I will be uploading my first Bikini Prep vlog this evening so when your reading this the video may already be up. Be sure to subscribe to see more videos following my journey > Click here for my channel. Also follow my blog too so you don't miss any new posts from me :-) For more Fitness motivation you can follow my on other social media too, Snapchat (LifeWithCarlyC), Twitter or my Pinterest. I have a board where I pin Fitness Motivation and also Girls With Abs along with loads more, so go check it out, Click here.

I hope to see you again soon in my next Bikini Prep post :-) Thanks for reading!
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