Sunday, 30 October 2016

Intro to my New Diet, Getting Fit For Christmas | Bikini Prep Diaries #1

Hey everyone,

I have not written on my blog for about 2-3 weeks now and so I felt like doing a little update post.

I have been so busy lately and also been vlogging every day for Vlogtober so if you haven't seen any then i'd love you to go check some of the video's out :-) Click here

To be honest I also fell out of love with blogging over this time too, maybe it was because I was so focused on vlogging but I guess it's ok to take a short break sometimes so then you can come back feeling good and refreshed.

So.... :-).... tomorrow I will be starting a Bikini Diet & Training plan with an online coach, Jo Pro Fitness and I'm so excited for it. I'm starting about 5 months out from the competition that I plan on doing which will be Pure Elite next April 2017 ...AND I will be vlogging my prep journey too. I will be on a diet plan over Christmas but oh well, least I can get fit for Christmas instead of getting fat like last year! lol Starting this before Christmas I knew would be a challenge but in my head I wanna get in shape so bad right now and really want to look better than I did earlier this year on stage so I don't think it will be too difficult....I hope anyway?lol I would really love you to follow my journey on youtube, click here for my channel and go subscribe :-) My second to last October vlog will be up at 6pm tomorrow evening and then at some point next weekend my first Bikini prep episode!

I will share more posts on here very soon including some Bikini Prep updates but for more on that defiantly check out my youtube. Anyway I do hope your all having a great Halloween weekend so far, what are you all up to? I'm actually having a quiet one with my dog Taz, watching scary movies at home. I actually worked two early shifts this weekend but I'm glad I'm off tomorrow :-)

Thanks for reading and hope to see you all soon wether it be in my next blog post, on my youtube or Twitter etc? I am always happy to chat :-)


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