Monday, 12 September 2016

Green People Skincare - The Natural Organic Lifestyle

When I find Beauty products that I love I just have to share them with you.

Green People (founded in 1997) was a brand that I hadn't heard of before until I went to a blogging event and received these two samples to try out. I like finding new products that are natural so this stood out to me straight away and I was excited to try them. I like this brand because every product is packed with over 90% active natural and organic ingredients.

Firstly I have the 24-hour Creme Moisturiser which I have been using daily and it feels so fresh on my skin. I only need a tiny amount for it to cover my whole face which means it will last a long time. I've also noticed my skin has become a lot softer and more hydrated since I started using it. This is an alcohol free moisturiser and it's anti-ageing which helps to reduce wrinkles! It's rich in nourishing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from seaweed and avocado which is amazing for the skin. Click here to buy or read more about this product.

The second product I have is the Fruit Exfoliator Scrub which has a Mandarin aroma that smells amazing. I started using this a few weeks after the moisturiser and it's another really great product, my skin has never felt softer. It helps to remove dead skin ready for a deep cleanse and allowing the moisturiser to really penetrate into the skin. This left my skin feeling more radiant and glowing and using this in combination with the moisturiser is just great! Click here to buy or read more about this product.

These are two products that I would definetetly recommend :-) Has anyone else tried this brand? What were your thoughts and what other products would you recommend from Green People?

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