Monday, 26 September 2016

BODY MIST Collection by So...? | New Fragrance Range #AD

Today I am really excited to share the new range from So...? Fragrance. I have used this brand for years and really love their body sprays.
I also featured them in my favourites video on youtube as they are now a top fave of mine and have been using them daily. Click here to watch the video.

Every single spray smells amazing and the scent lasts so well on your skin. I can still smell it on my skin later in the day and every so often the scent wafts under my nose so it just reminds me that I'm still smelling good :-) These sprays will be available in Superdrug stores today, the 26th of September 2016. There are 6 fragrances in the range, all 100ml and each pricing at £3.99.
Who's excited to check them out?


This one has a blend of zingy mandarin with a beautiful mixture of peach and lily of the valley. It's complete with creamy cedar wood.


A beautiful blend of watermelon, red berries and apple blossom blended with apricot and honeysuckle. All of these ingredients together make this one smell amazing and it's finished with a sweet base of sugar candy.


This one has a refreshing and calming smell which comes from the floral freesia and violet flowers. It's fruity scents, pear, apple and mandarin are top notes so they are uplifting and will awaken your senses. This is then blended with a creamy base of caramel and amber.


This begins with gentle notes of bergamot which is a citrus fruit . The bergamot scent is followed by a floral scent of the freesia flower and water lily which settles into a refreshing base of white musk and cedar wood.


Beginning with a single base note of vanilla, this one smells almost good enough to eat :-) The vanilla fragrance mixes with gorgeous scents of peach and plum before blending with a beautiful rose scent which can calm and soothe the mind.


This light, easy to wear fragrance is exploding with fruity top notes of mandarin and peach. Rolling into a floral scent of jasmine and lily of the valley which creates a sense of well being and calm. Also blended with cedar wood and creamy vanilla.

I really love all the names of each scent, very creative and appealing. I can't decide which is my favourite scent of them all, I'm still trying to decide? I love them all the same, it's just too hard to choose!  I have really enjoyed using them and can't wait to know what everyone else thinks of them? :-)

Which ones sound appealing to you?


*This post is sponsored by So...? Fragrance
All opinions and photo's are my own.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Ooh-arr Skincare - Cream Face Masks for All Skin Types

If your in need of a good face mask then these are a must to try out! :-)

I've tried different face masks before but until I came across these particular ones from none really stood out to me. I used a few of the ones from Ooh-arr not long ago which I really loved so when the brand wanted to send me a few of their new Cream Masks to try I was very happy.

I find these so lovely on the skin. They don't irritate my skin at all which is important for me as before when i've used face masks, some left my skin very red and inflammed afterwards, these Ooh-arr masks though are definitely kind to sensitive :-)

These two masks are 15ml each and i've managed to get two masks out of one packet. They are also great being in a packet as if you travel about a lot then you can just pop them into your bag. 

Fruity Magic is a rejuvenating mask so it leaves your skin feeling really refreshed and uplifted. It has lots of amazing ingredients in that are great for the skin including cocoa butter, pomegranate oil, shea butter and green tea extract. These ingredients help to leave the skin really soft and moisturised whilst also brightening the complexion. 

Juicy Burst is very hydrating and packed with ingredients to help energise and freshen the skin. This one has a burst of vitamin C which helps awaken dull skin. It really gives your skin a deep cleanse and improves the skins texture.

Both of these face masks are really nice and smell amazing. 
Has anyone else tried these?
See more about the face masks at

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Monday, 19 September 2016

Creamy Peanut Butter + Banana - 'Post Workout' Smoothie

Hey everyone, so i've made this smoothie quite a few times now and as I love it so much I just had to share it! :-) It's like drinking a thick creamy milkshake that's unhealthy for you BUT this one is full of  goodness. You need to try it! :-)

Ingredients; (not measured)

Unsweetened Almond Milk
Frozen Banana
Body Design Meal Replacement in Vanilla Ice cream flavour - (Protein Dynamix)
Chia Seeds
Peanut Butter - (
Ice cubes

It's packed with protein and all the nutrients that you need. It's really filling and this can be had as a meal replacement which makes a great post-workout smoothie. Protein is really important to help repair and grow the muscles after exercise. The vanilla ice cream powder I used tastes amazing by the way and really is the key to making this shake taste so nice..a long with the banana and peanut butter :-) This also has the best creamy consistency, it's really thick and the ice cubes make it nice and cold. 

Do you like my new smoothie cup by the way? I've been wanting one of these for ages so I finally picked one up from New Look (£6.99). They had quite a few in there but this one I felt this one would go with every season :-D 

Let me know if you make this and what you think of it?

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Monday, 12 September 2016

Green People Skincare - The Natural Organic Lifestyle

When I find Beauty products that I love I just have to share them with you.

Green People (founded in 1997) was a brand that I hadn't heard of before until I went to a blogging event and received these two samples to try out. I like finding new products that are natural so this stood out to me straight away and I was excited to try them. I like this brand because every product is packed with over 90% active natural and organic ingredients.

Firstly I have the 24-hour Creme Moisturiser which I have been using daily and it feels so fresh on my skin. I only need a tiny amount for it to cover my whole face which means it will last a long time. I've also noticed my skin has become a lot softer and more hydrated since I started using it. This is an alcohol free moisturiser and it's anti-ageing which helps to reduce wrinkles! It's rich in nourishing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from seaweed and avocado which is amazing for the skin. Click here to buy or read more about this product.

The second product I have is the Fruit Exfoliator Scrub which has a Mandarin aroma that smells amazing. I started using this a few weeks after the moisturiser and it's another really great product, my skin has never felt softer. It helps to remove dead skin ready for a deep cleanse and allowing the moisturiser to really penetrate into the skin. This left my skin feeling more radiant and glowing and using this in combination with the moisturiser is just great! Click here to buy or read more about this product.

These are two products that I would definetetly recommend :-) Has anyone else tried this brand? What were your thoughts and what other products would you recommend from Green People?

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Friday, 9 September 2016

5 Top Tips to Living a Happier Life

Hey everyone, I am going to share a few tips on how I think we can add a little bit more happiness into our lives.


First tip is an obvious one but how often do you actually smile? I know I don't do it enough. Last month in the gym a personal trainer came over to me and asked if I was ok? I was like 'yea, why?' and he said its because I looked really serious and annoyed lol My response to that was 'oh, thats just my gym face!' but I was fine, I wasn't annoyed at all. Since then it really did make me think about my facial expressions. You could be walking around with a really grumpy face on and not even realise it! Smiling as you talk to people sends out really happy vibes, whatever mood your in can affect other people so create happiness and put a smile on every morning :-D As your going about your day try and smile very slightly so it becomes a natural thing and when people look at you they will automatically get a great vibe, we don't want that resting 'bitch face' they say! It is crazy how much a smile can change the way you feel. Try it! :-D :-D :-D


We only have one life, YOLO and all that! Make sure you do something that you love and do this at least once a day. Wether it's cuddling your pet, sticking a good film on or going to the gym? Make sure you fit something into your day to really lift your mood and make you feel happy.


This can be something you can add into your weekly routines. It is great for relaxing your mind and body. It's great to do maybe 5-10 minutes in the morning so it sets you off for a great day. I recently found an app which is great for if your new as it has a free trial of 10 sessions. A voice guy goes through the session with you to help you learn and get the best from it. It's also a great way to see if you like meditation. I noticed how much happier my mood is if I meditate in the morning. The app if you wanna check it out is called Headspace.


Another obvious one, but just a bit of daily exercise can change your mood completely. It releases chemicals into the body called endorphins. They trigger a positive feeling in your body and interact with the receptors in your brain to reduce the sense of pain. Also think about what your eating, foods all have different benefits that they give to your body. Eat good = Feel good.
Still though, having that slice of cake or chocolate bar can also make you feel good :-) As long as it's not 10 bars, i've experienced chocolate comas plenty of times and its not fun!


Laughing relaxes the body and relieves tension and stress. If you can, try and laugh at least once a day and it will start to effect your overall mood. I like to stick a comedy film on, a funny youtube video or just anything that makes me LOL! It is similar to the first point I said which is to smile daily but laughing is just the next step up from that and it can also boost your immune system helping to defend you from infection or illness.

So there could be many more things to add but these were the top 5 that came into my head first and things that I feel i've started putting into action. I hope some of these helped you in some way, if you have any to add that you think are really important to know then please share them in the comments below. I would love to know more ways to be a happier person and we can all be happy together in the comments :-D hehe!

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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Beginners Guide To The Gym | Building Confidence - My Top Tips

Hey everyone,

I feel like Health and Fitness has started to become a huge part of my life now and it is something that i'd like to share more of on my channels as I seem to do more of that on a daily basis than anything else. I am also half way through my Fitness course, due to be qualified end of November 2016. I would love for you to check out my lifestyle & fitness youtube channel -> you can click here and subscribe. I did upload a Gym Confidence video on there too if you wanna check it out. Also a lot more health and fitness will start to be featured on my blog so I really hope you enjoy it.

I had not shared a lot of fitness posts before except when I was competing in a show so to start it off I thought that a confidence post would be interesting. If you're wondering how girls get that gym confidence...then read on and after this post, hopefully you can put some of these tips into action and let me know what ones you are gonna try? :-)

1.  GO TO THE GYM AT QUIET TIMES - Obviously if it's quiet there won't be as many people around so you won't feel judged and its the best time to try out exercises to make sure you feel confident doing them and get used to certain machines. You can also get used to the gym floor and where things are as theres nothing worse than standing in the gym when your nervous enough and not having a clue where anything is. Then once you build your confidence you can go at busier times and know what you are doing so that will take some of the nerves away.

2. GO WITH A FRIEND - This will make you feel more at ease, you can try out exercises together and then if you do something wrong you can just laugh about it with your friend and it doesn't feel so intimidating walking into the gym. One thing I will say though,  don't rely too much on going with someone as you will need to do workouts alone too and you don't want to get so comfortable going with someone that when you go alone you feel too nervous. One time I use to always go with a friend and when she couldn't make it, (which started to be quite a lot) I didn't want to go either and would start missing sessions. Then she quit but at that point I had it in me to keep with it as I new deep down I wanted to go so I pushed myself to keep going on my own and from there was when my fitness journey started I guess.

3. GET A PERSONAL TRAINER - This is a little bit the same as going with a friend as you have somebody with you but a personal trainer will support you and guide you through your workouts and so will make you feel so much more at ease in the gym and with the workouts you do, etc. This can be expensive though so isn't for everyone but there are always fitness instructors on the gym floor. They are there to answer any questions you might have and they can show you how to use machines. It's always best to ask for help if you are unsure on something, even if it's something little. It's better to do it the right way then do it wrong and injure yourself. When you join gyms you usually get a plan put together for free by an instructor so that is definitely worth doing.

4. NEW GYM OUTFIT - This can give you so much confidence if you feel good in what you wear. If you look the part, you will feel the part. A new gym outfit can also give you motivation too :-)

5. PLAN YOUR WORKOUT - It's better to go in the gym having an idea what you will be doing. You don't want to get there and feel lost and have no idea where to start and end up doing a few easy resistance machines and then leaving, I use to do that a lot back then. There are lots of workout ideas you can find on the internet these days and you can search how do almost any exercise on youtube so do a little bit of research before you go. Writing a plan on your phone or taking a notepad with you can just help keep you on track and prepare you for a better, more successful workout. I am uploading a Legs workout to my youtube tomorrow evening so make sure you are subscribed to see that: click here for my channel - LifeWithCarlyC

6. START WITH THE EASY STUFF - Gradually work your way up in the gym. Don't feel like you need to rush into anything or copy anyone because everybody's at different levels. There are so many different exercises out there but just stick with the basics to start with. Maybe start with resistance machines if you are nervous, they usually have a description and picture on the machine to show how to use it and what muscles it works, etc.

7. BE SOCIAL - Do some classes or join a run club, something where you get to meet other people. In classes you get all levels of fitness and it is easier to follow an instructor. You can also take note of things that you learn in a class and put it into action in the gym. Being around other people similar to yourself who may be new to the gym will help you ease into exercise and you won't feel alone. I use to stick to classes a lot in the beginning but it definitely did help with my confidence.

8. MUSIC - This can give you confidence as well as motivation. For me if i'm listening to a good tune with a good beat, it can make me feel like 'yes, I can do this' I feel like as I walk around the gym that I am confident just because of the song I might have playing. Maybe thats just me anyway? lol

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