Friday, 26 August 2016

Outfit Of The Day - Gym Time (OOTD)

Hello everyone, recently i've started to do more outfit of the day (ootd) videos on my youtube channel. I used to do a lot of these back in the day. I was looking through my old videos the other week and realised how I hadn't made any for ages and they are one video that I really enjoyed filming.

Anyway I thought I would share an outfit with you on my blog and maybe start sharing a few more here if you like them? :-) I'm no fashion expert so an outfit post/video suits me great as I am literally just sharing what I am wearing and maybe it will give some inspiration as I will give each one that I do a little theme, depending on what I am wearing the outfit for?

Today's one is a Gym Outfit. I go to the gym a lot and the other day I decided to wear this bright pink top and black leggings with the checkered pattern down the side, both I haven't worn in a while. I have a drawer full of gym bits and tend to stick to the same things all the time so I am trying to make use of a bit more now. I do wanna go gym clothes shopping soooo bad tho, I walked past H&M last week and they had some nice bits in the window! :-)

Let me know what you think of this outfit and if you would like to see more. Also check out and subscribe to my youtube channel - HERE if you would like to see outfit of the days in video too? I also do a mix of beauty, health and fitness on my channel so go check it out :-)

Click on the shop names below for the websites
Top - H&M
Leggings - TK Maxx
Trainers - Sweat Shop

I also have a Lifestyle & Fitness youtube I would love you to go and subscribe :) > LifeWithCarlyC



  1. I love your outfit :)
    I hope you to my blog!

    1. Thank you and i will check yours out x


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