Sunday, 14 August 2016

How I Style - Classic White Shirt

Hello, today I have styled 4 looks using the classic white shirt. I am not a professional stylist but I do love looking at amazing outfits and finding new ways to style certain items. I don't have all the latest outfit trends so I have just gone with what I could find in my wardrobe. The white shirt is definitely a staple item for me, something I feel every girl should own. The one I am wearing in these photo's is from They do so many tailored shirts for men and women so they are great if your looking to get a white shirt yourself, you can click here to see more.


This first look is a bit rock chick which is a style that I really love. I added my studded black bag and leather jacket to give it that edgy feel. This is a great every day look and so easy to chuck together. This outfit could look good with heels, flats or boots. The jeans and jacket were from New Look and bag from Primark. Below each photo I have gathered a few items similar to what I am wearing, depending on your budget I have selected different price ranges so feel free to click on the items to see more :-)

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I love the casual 'workout' look as I go to the gym a lot. The shirt just gives it a little more of a 'put together' style. I also paired it with my shiny black leggings so it makes the outfit stand out a little more. White Converse are also a great staple item that go with a lot of outfits so they are a favourite of mine :)
The sunglasses and bag I got from Primark, I think the leggings were from New Look and Converse were from Schuh.

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This look would be great for work or an interview. It is very smart and I added some black laced heels to keep it a bit trendy. I also added a different colour bag to break up the black colour theme. A different coloured blazer would look nice but I only had this one or a bright orange/red one which I don't like anymore so never like to wear it! I need another wardrobe sort out soon! Bag and shoes from Primark. Wearing the shiny leggings again, so them and the blazer are from New Look.

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This is another one of my favourites, I love the whole jumper with collar looks. It's nice and comfy but with the shirt poking out the top and bottom of the jumper just gives it a more trendy look, in my opinion :-) I've again paired this with the grey jeans from New Look and this jumper which I got from H&M.

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I hope you liked this post, let me know what look was your favourite? :-) 

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