Monday, 1 August 2016

Amazing Makeup Storage | Her ClutterBox


Hello everyone,

I have always loved organising my makeup desk so when Her Clutter Box had contacted me and asked to send me there latest design, of course I was going to say yes! I was so excited as it was that dream storage unit I had seen in girls youtube videos of their Room Tours and I had always thought, wow, I need that in my life...and now I actually have one :-)

I wish I had a few photos of when I first received it but I wasn't planning on doing a blog post until recently so all I did was snap chat me unboxing it. If you want to follow my snapchat, its LifeWithCarlyC.

When it first arrived at my door I was like Woah, this is massive...and heavy! lol It was all ready to put on my desk, all I had extra was the dividers that you can see me holding in the last photo. These are the extra ones that I haven't used in the drawers. Everything isn't quite finished with the organising, as I am using it I am trying to figure out where I can put things or if I want to change the dividers around. Only thing is, what do I put in the holes at the very top? There are quite a few large and small ones and couldn't figure out whats good to fill them with? As you can see though I still have a lot of space to fill and just when I thought I had a lot of I feel like I need more to fill the spaces! Or maybe i'm just using that as an excuse :-)

If you wanna check out this exact storage unit then click here. I've just seen they are using my Instagram photo I posted when I first got this, on their website when you click the link :-)

What do you think of this makeup unit?


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